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In the world of ultra-luxury cars, there are few brands as impressive and noteworthy as Bentley. Bentley is known by all for the unmatched luxury offered. With the highest-quality materials, remarkable build quality, and outstanding performance, a Bentley is one of the best choices. What makes these models even more impressive is the option for the Mulliner package, which brings you fully-customized luxury. With this choice, you can create a Mulliner model that is truly one-of-a-kind.

What is the Mulliner?

The Mulliner is an option available to Bentley shoppers to get one of the most luxurious cars. Mulliner’s roots date back to the 1500s when the goal was to craft elegant horse-drawn carriages. The partnership between Bentley and Mulliner started in 1923, and over the years, has built some remarkable models.

In modern times, Mulliner is one of the last coach building services. When Bentley shoppers choose this, they are getting something hand-built and completely customizable.

What makes a Mulliner so special?

the luxurious and unique bentley flying spur mulliner, the customized luxury car of your dreams
2022 Bentley Flying Spur Mulliner | Bentley

One of the big reasons Bentley shoppers consider the Mulliner option is the level of customization and luxury. You get a premier chance to get the best leathers, wood trim, carpet, and other materials with this option. Furthermore, you can fully customize every detail, from the color of the leather seats, the color of the carpet, the stitching color, and anything else you could imagine. 

In addition to the nearly limitless color combination and customization. Utilizing this package will also allow you to get some of the most impressive technology. Aside from bringing you touches and luxury that can’t be matched, this package also allows you to option unique technologies geared at keeping you and your passengers comfortable.

What changes are found for 2022?

the gold plated organ stops found in the mulliner, the small details make these models special
The 18-Karat Gold Plated Organ Stops Available With a Mulliner | Bentley

Over the last few years, more drivers have chosen the Mulliner treatment when shopping for a new Bentley. Because of this, consistent upgrades are needed to ensure these models are among the best choices imaginable.

For 2022, Bentley made some upgrades to this program to ensure shoppers to get everything that they could want. Firstly, drivers can now choose from a massive selection of new open-pore woods on the interior. This addition will allow you to get one of the most luxurious and unique new models. Next, shoppers can choose to option 18-karat Gold Plated Organ Stops, otherwise known as vent knobs. 

These changes, along with different suggestions and the high level of customization, will make the new Mulliner option the ultimate luxury choice!

Consider the Mulliner option for your new Bentley

the luxurious and plush interior available with a mulliner
The Interior of Mulliner-Equipped Bentley | Bentley

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If you are on the hunt for an outstanding new Bentley, such as the Bentley Continental GT or Flying Spur, consider experiencing Mulliner. The Mulliner choice is not cheap, but it can allow drivers the incredible chance to shop for a fully-customized and unique luxury car. With a bit of work, shoppers will love the refinement and luxury that these models can offer!