Bentley Flying Spur Thief Arrested Because He Didn’t Wear His COVID Mask Properly

Here is yet another installment of silly thieves doing silly things to get caught. Car theft is on the rise. I’m not too fond of it, but it’s true. In a time when wearing masks are not only commonplace but widely mandated, you might assume that various crimes might see an uptick in cases. You might also think that becuase masks are so unanimous these days, that the criminals would have an easier time with anonymity as they might more easily get away with it. One man recently stole a Bentley Flying Spur. And even though COVID-19 is still raging and he was doing a crime, he still couldn’t be bothered to wear his mask properly. 

If you steal a Bentley Flying Spur during a pandemic, wear a mask

A Michigan man was recently arrested for stealing a Bentley Flying Spur from a local upscale car-rental service parking lot. According to CarScoops, In one of the goofiest car thefts ever, the suspect came into Dream Luxury Car Rentals in Southfield, Michigan, and expressed interest in buying the Bentley Flying Spur. 

An employee went to get the keys and handed them to the suspect who, instead of stealing the Bentley, simply wandered off with the keys. Reports state that it wasn’t until the next day that the alleged thief returned for his loot and made off with the Bentley. 

Too bad it’s a pandemic and everyone is wearing a mas… Oh, he had his pulled down?

After the non-masked bandit made off with his booty, the authorities looked at the CCTV footage from the dealership. I’m sure they expected it to come up with a blurry image of a masked man that would ultimately prove useless. To their surprise, the thief, who had a mask on, had pulled it down to his chin while allegedly doing his crime. 

A maroon 2020 Bentley Flying Spur parked by sunlit tree-covered hills
2020 Bentley Flying Spur | Bentley

Not only did he not have his mask pulled up, but he also drove his personal white Ford Escape to the scene of the crime the day before when he allegedly took the keys. The Bentley owner got multiple tips on the suspect’s whereabouts along with a picture of his face (from not wearing his mask), and the cops spotted his car. 

Once the cops confirmed that this was, in fact, the same car, they pursued the vehicle, and the suspect ran for it. After a relatively short pursuit and the suspect’s best effort, the cops cornered him and placed the suspect under arrest. If there wasn’t already enough evidence, the police found the Bentley keys in the suspect’s pocket. 

I’m sure there are smart criminals, this just wasn’t one of them

It is truly mind-blowing to live in a time where wearing face coverings is perfectly normal and even often required and still not covering your face while doing a crime. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad this suspect did these stupid things so that the Bentley owner could get their car back, but this might be the dumbest thing a car thief has done in a while.