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Perhaps you are in the market for a new car and have your heart set on one with Apple CarPlay capabilities. However, you are not fully aware of the numerous benefits that are included with this system. Here are some of the top benefits of Apple CarPlay. Also, check out how to add Apple CarPlay to an old car.

What is Apple CarPlay, and how does it work?

A person using Apple CarPlay, potentially using a wireless Apple CarPlay adapter.
Apple CarPlay | Getty Images

As the name suggests, a wireless Apple CarPlay adapter is a smart device that allows you to connect your iPhone to your car’s infotainment system without requiring a physical connection. As a result, it is a safer and smarter way to connect to your iPhone. In addition, it allows you to remain focused on the road ahead while still having full access to all your iPhone functions, including turn-by-turn directions, sending and receiving messages, making calls, and listening to music.

The Apple CarPlay works by connecting your iPhone to the adapter using Bluetooth or a closed WiFi network. Once connected, you can access all your iPhone’s features on the car’s infotainment system. Slash Gear recommends getting a wireless Apple CarPlay and explains why it is worth the investment.

What are the benefits of using a wireless Apple CarPlay adapter?

Wireless Apple CarPlay has numerous benefits that make it smarter and safer to use your iPhone in the car. These include,

  1. Convenience: One of the biggest advantages of using a wireless adapter is its convenience. With a wired connection, you typically would have to fumble around with cords and plugs every time you want to use your CarPlay. With a wireless adapter, all you need to do is pair your iPhone with the adapter once, and you are good to go – no more cords or plugs!
  2. Safety: A wireless connection also offers a much safer way to use your CarPlay as it eliminates the need to take your eyes off the road to fiddle with cords or plugs.
  3. Clearer sound quality: Another significant advantage of using a wireless adapter is that it usually results in clearer sound quality as there are no cords or plugs that can interfere with the signal. With this, you get a better experience using features like Siri, listening to music, or making phone calls.
  4. Full control: Apple CarPlay is constantly shifting in-car connectivity. When using a wireless adapter, you will have full control of your iPhone as you would if it were connected directly to your car’s infotainment system. With this, you can use all the features and functions of your iPhone without any restrictions.
  5. Compatibility: Most newer cars come with built-in Bluetooth, which means they are already compatible with the wireless Apple CarPlay adapter.

To learn more, check out the downsides of the wireless Apple CarPlay adapter.

What is the difference between Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

Now that we’ve gone over some of the benefits of using a wireless Apple CarPlay adapter, you might wonder how it compares to Android Auto.

First, both systems offer similar features, such as hands-free calling, text messaging, turn-by-turn directions, and music streaming. However, there are a few key differences between Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

One of the most significant differences is that Apple CarPlay is only available on iOS devices, while Android Auto works with iOS and Android devices. Another big difference is that Apple CarPlay offers a more seamless and integrated experience with your iPhone as it was designed specifically for use with iOS devices.

On the other hand, Android Auto is a more generalized system designed for iOS and Android devices. So, if you want a more seamless and integrated experience with your iPhone, then Apple CarPlay is the way to go. However, Android Auto might be better if you want a system compatible with iOS and Android devices.


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