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Celebrity Ben Affleck’s Son and the Lamborghini Article Highlights:

  • Ben Affleck’s son, 10, accidentally reversed a Lamborghini into a parked BMW.
  • The incident happened at 777 Exotics, a company in Los Angeles, when Samuel selected reverse in the bright yellow Lamborghini Urus and rolled it back into a parked BMW. 
  • There are no reports of injuries or damage, and the company is encouraging Ben Affleck and his fiancee, Jennifer Lopez, to return. 

It is quite sad to see an automotive labor of love like a Lamborghini sustain damage, but it is much worse when the driver turns out to be your 10-year-old son. That’s precisely what happened to Ben Affleck and his son, Samuel Garner Affleck, at an LA exotic car rental company. Here’s what happened with Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, and Samuel at 777 Exotics. 

Ben Affleck, pictured here with his Chevelle SS, is happy his son is okay after backing a Lamborghini into a BMW.
Ben Affleck with his Chevrolet Chevelle | Getty Images

What happened with Ben Affleck’s son and the Lamborghini?

While Ben Affleck and his fiancee Jenifer Lopez were browsing the inventory at 777 Exotics in LA, Samuel waited in the driver seat of the yellow Lamborghini. According to the New York Post, Samuel selected reverse with the vehicle’s automatic transmission. The vehicle then rolled back into a parked white SUV.  

The vehicle that Samuel reversed into was a white BMW X6. The BMW X6 is an SUV with a much smaller price tag than the nearly incomparable Lamborghini. Specifically, the BMW has a starting price of $68,345, making it less than one-third the cost of the Lamborghini. However, comparing the two vehicles is a bit like comparing apples to oranges if the oranges were made of crystal. 

What kind of Lamborghini was it?

The bright yellow Lamborghini in question is the marque’s popular SUV, the Urus. The raging bull is a 5,314 lbs testament to Lamborghini’s commitment to excess. According to Car and Driver, the Urus has a starting price of $229,495, which, compared to other performance SUVs like the Jeep SRT Trackhawk, is a lot of money. However, it is one of the quickest SUVs in the world, and those wealthy shoppers can look down and see a Lamborghini badge instead of an SRT emblem. 

A Lamborghini Urus, like this one next to the Huracan, is the sort of SUV that Ben Affleck's son backed into a BMW.
A Lamborghini Urus and Huracan | Martyn Lucy, Getty Images

Ben Affleck’s son sure knows how to pick them. The Urus is a very popular option for enthusiasts who want a European performance vehicle but don’t want a coupe, sedan, or supercar. Lamborghini’s flagship SUV produces 641 horsepower and puts the power down using an all-wheel drive system (AWD). The result is a blistering 0-60 mph time of 3.2 seconds (Car and Driver testing); not bad for a vehicle that weighs over 5,300 lbs. 

Did Ben Affleck’s son sustain injuries?

Fortunately, Samuel, Affleck, and Lopez were not harmed in the incident. Photographers caught pictures of Affleck embracing his son, clearly happy that he was OK. Additionally, the staff at 777 Exotics was pleased to tell the New York Post that there appears to be no damage to either vehicle and “no hard feelings [with Samuel or his father].” They are encouraging the couple to return. 

Accidents do happen, and the family seems relieved that everyone was alright. Scroll down to the following article to read about celebrities and their cars!


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