Beepi: Meet the Car Selling Service for the Socially Awkward

Source: Beepi

Time to sell your car? Are you dreading the experience?

Try going on Craigslist, taking hours making your own attractive sale ad, and having people actually come to your house (shudder.) Sure, you can go the other way and sell to a dealer or to some third-party company, but they’re going to give you pennies on the dollar. So what you do? Now, agoraphobics, the socially awkward, the very busy, and the rest of us have another option.

Beepi is billed as a ‘peer-to-peer’ car selling network. This service, which has been available in big cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Antonio, and Dallas, is now expanding into one of the most traffic-laden and congested communities of the mid-Atlantic seaboard — the nation’s capital of Washington D.C. If you’re in a bigger city, you might soon see this online service coming to places near you.

With Beepi, the seller and the buyer never have to meet. The middle-man service takes care of everything, from a thorough 185-point inspection to taking pictures of the vehicle. Buyers also get some neat convenience features too: Beepi offers a 10-day money-back guarantee on vehicles, a 3,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty, and delivery of the vehicle. They even put a bow on top to make delivery look the way it looks in those “hey, honey, I bought you a car!” commercials.

As an additional service, Beepi leaders say they are committed to pulling cars out of their lineup based on recalls and other issues, like the recent kerfuffle over Volkswagen’s emissions systems.

Source: Beepi/Facebook

It’s all part of offering a tricky market better tools: As services like these emerge, the days of used car sellers and buyers going hand in hand to some local notary shop in the afternoon fall further and further behind us. Today’s drivers have more choices for getting rid of an old clunker more conveniently, without having to make small talk with someone to whom their cast-off is a treasure.

The Beepi program seems perfect for D.C., a place where residents often drive high-value cars, but have very little free time to show them off in private party sales.

“With its discerning and highly mobile population, the nation’s capital is the perfect place for Beepi. Its busy and often transient community needs a quick and reliable service to help them buy and sell cars without the frustration of wasting time going from dealership to dealership and filling out reams of paperwork,” says Beepi CEO and co-founder Ale Resnik. “We’re excited to offer residents a trustworthy and simple way to buy and sell cars completely online.”

”The company’s decision to enter its thirteenth market was based on strong consumer demand for change in the auto industry,” adds co-founder Owen Savir. “Buyers and sellers are eager to embrace new platforms that eliminate the frustrations of traditional dealerships, bringing the car buying experience in line with the way people purchase everything else, from electronics to clothes to groceries.”

Savir’s point should be well taken in D.C. and in NOVA, surrounding Virginia suburbs where people already have Beepi services. It’s hard enough finding parking for your car in the district, never mind selling it. So next time your back is up against the wall, and you need to sell a used car fast, check out whether Beepi is available in your neck of the woods.

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