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One of the most outrageous cars Mercedes ever built, but looking like a Checker cab, you may have missed the Mercedes 600. But Beatles guitarist George Harrison didn’t and bought this white short-wheelbase sedan back in 1967. Besides the Mercedes 600’s exclusivity, only 2190 were made; it was a car for kings, dictators, and the rich and famous. Now, you can own it.

You can feel like royalty with the ex-Harrison 600 being sold through CollectingCars. This has to be one of the most unique rock and roll collectibles ever. In Concours condition, these sell for well over $200,000. With its Beatles provenance, it should sell well past that figure.

Beatle George Harrison owned the Mercedes 600 for years

George Harrison 1967 Mercedes 600 SWB front 3/4 view
George Harrison 1967 Mercedes 600 SWB | CollectingCars

This car was a demonstrator for Mercedes Great Britain before Harrison bought it. Over the years, there have been many photos that have surfaced of Harrison with the car in the background. Earlier this year it was overhauled by know Mercedes specialist John Haynes, before its auction by CollectingCars.

These Mercedes were massive, heavy, and complicated vehicles. It was the most technically advanced car of its time. No expense was spared. 

Even the trunk of the Mercedes 600 opened and closed hydraulically

George Harrison in front of his  1967 Mercedes 600 SWB
George Harrison 1967 Mercedes 600 SWB | CollectingCars

With everything from an elaborate Bosch mechanical fuel injection system to a trunk that both opened and closed hydraulically, it had it all. Hydraulic lines ran throughout the car, powering the windows, seats, reclining seats in the rear, as well as the trunk. 

The luxurious black leather interior was accented with real walnut trim, even surrounding the gauges on the dash. And the rear seats were built like the finest armchair. You always knew you were in the lap of luxury riding around in the back seat. 

These Mercedes 600 sedans were heavy and complicated, weighing 6600 lbs.

George Harrison 1967 Mercedes 600 SWB rear 3/4 view
George Harrison 1967 Mercedes 600 SWB | CollectingCars

Especially if riding around in the long-wheelbase version. Harrison’s white 600 is the shorter version, but no less luxurious. And it is pushed by the same 6.3-liter M100 V8, developed specifically for the 600. Hooked to a four-speed automatic, the 247 hp engine helped the 600 glide through traffic-all 6600 lbs. of it. 

Its impressive ride was enhanced by a self-leveling, adjustable air suspension. This eventually led to Mercedes’ current Active Body Control or ABC hydraulic suspension systems. But the 600 was developed in the early 1960s, being first sold in September of 1963. 

Rolls Royce had the name, but the 600 was much more technically advanced

In this period Rolls Royce had the name, but the Mercedes 600 was much more advanced and exclusive. Yet to the uninitiated, it looked like a 300SE or W111 model. But the 600 was a completely unique Mercedes having almost nothing in common with those lesser sedans. 

George Harrison George Harrison in his 1967 Mercedes 600 SWB
George Harrison 1967 Mercedes 600 SWB | CollectingCars