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The batmobiles through the years have included some of the most iconic movie cars. For Ben Affleck’s first outing as Batman, director Zack Snyder envisioned an unforgettable new batmobile. Now, a superfan has built a working, 700 horsepower replica.

What kind of car is the batmobile?

The batmobile prop driven by Ben Affleck parked in front of movie posters at the premier.
Batmobile | Gabe Ginsberg via Getty Images

Many actors have played Batman on the big screen. Each one has piloted a batmobile as unique as their take on the character.

The first live-action batmobile was the open-canopy Lincoln Futura from Adam West’s 1966 TV series. From the Michael Keaton Batman films to Val Kilmer’s Batman Forever to George Clooney’s Batman & Robin, the batmobile got lower, longer, and sleeker. These batmobiles all wore big, decorative wings. As time went on, they featured more chrome and lighting.

Director Christopher Nolan and actor Christian Bale rebooted the Batman franchise with a gritty and (relatively) realistic origins story in Batman Begins. Nolan chose to lean on the Wayne Enterprise’s defense contractor side to furnish Batman with a tank-like “Tumbler” batmobile.

When Zack Snyder recast Ben Affleck as Batman for his Dawn of Justice movie, he kept some of Nolan’s gritty style. Affleck’s batmobile featured four tractor-size tires and armor plating, reminiscent of the Tumbler. But at the same time, it was low and sleek with gullwing doors–more like the sports car batmobiles of the past.

Amire Adile built a batmobile replica

A batmobile replica surrounded by cops on the street in Russia, at night.
Batmobile replica | Russian Interior Ministry\TASS via Getty Images

Big Toys in Dubai is a company specializing in supercars and replicas. It has fabricated several one-offs including a Tumbler batmobile. It also works on motorcycles, including replicas of Christian Bale’s batpod.

Several years ago, company founder Amire Adile posted a picture of a toy Snyder-era batmobile with the caption, “Build Your Dreams.” Then, he built a replica of the batmobile.

The batmobile replica runs and drives. It rides on four huge, tractor-sized tires. It even has two working flip-up doors, each with a built-in canopy atop a racing bucket seats.

Rumor has it that the monstrous vehicle is powered by a monstrous engine: a repurposed Ford Raptor powerplant that has been supercharged and makes 700 horsepower. With its rear-engine placement and large-diameter exhaust, the replica can spit flames when you rev it.

But the batmobile needs that much horsepower: each of its massive rear tires weighs 1,102 pounds!

The batmobile replica has its own fans

Batmobile interior | George Pimentel/WireImage via Getty Images

Adile’s incredibly detailed batmobile replica has attracted attention from celebrities and car connoisseurs. Stars such as The Weekend and French Montana have visited the batmobile in Dubai. The Supercar Blondie Youtube channel even sent two team members to drive and film Adile’s batmobile.

The batmobile reviewers were blown away by the killer replica. Their first impression was just how wide the vehicle is.

The batmobile in the Ben Affleck film is 20 feet long and 12 feet wide. It appear’s Adile’s replica is full size. The car arrived to the Supercar Blondie review, hanging off both sides of a flatbed rollback trailer.

The second thing the reviewers noticed was just how loud and visceral the car was. Its Raptor motor did not just roar–it shook the entire vehicle when revved. That’s even more impressive, considering the batmobile replica’s weight.

The batmobile replica is so powerful, it can move at a good clip. Adile actually took the car to the local Formula One track to run some laps.

Finally, the reviewers were wowed by the batmobile replica’s tactical cockpit. Starting the vehicle requires a combination of aircraft switches and huge, red “start engine button.” The interior details mirror the movie, down to the vehicle’s “Active Defense System” button cluster.

Watch the Youtubers take the full-size batmobile replica for a spin in the video below:


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