Batman Fans Can Buy This Classic Batmobile Replica

It’s not every day that the opportunity to own a running, driving Batmobile replica comes up, but one has recently surfaced for purchase and we couldn’t be more excited. It is cool, it is fun, it’s the 1966 Batmobile Batrodz, and you can really own it.

This Batmobile replica was custom built and owned by a famous wrestler, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler for many years, even making it into his own museum in Tunica, Mississippi. It was signed by one of the classic Batman actors, Adam West, as well as many other celebrities such as Anthony Michael Hall, Jeremy Bulloch, and Dustin Diamond.

What really is the Batmobile

Being a custom car, the Batmobile Batrodz is, of course, built off of another car. This one is built off of a Chevrolet Corvette C4 chassis but doesn’t offer the power or handling of a real Corvette. In fact, this Batrodz may have a V8 engine under the hood but it only has a 3-speed automatic transmission, but chances are you aren’t buying this car to take it flying down a drag strip anyways.

The car was altogether a modified version of a concept car abandoned by Ford, called the Futura, with an additional $15,000 worth of customization and changes made to turn it into the official car of Batman himself.

batmobile batrodz
1966 Batmobile Replica


The Batmobile Batrodz is pretty eccentric-looking, just like it was in the 1960s television show. The car is, of course, all black and lined with an extensive amount of red trim and detailing inside and out.

It’s somewhat clumsy and whimsical front end had an interesting appeal, and it’s curved body lines that followed the car so well as to include eccentrically curving and shaping the windshield showed that the design of this Batrodz took into account each and every detail. It has two headlights sunken deep within the front end, making it somewhat impractical but artistically dramatic. A wing on either side started at the front windshield and swept down the side of the car in a striking manner, giving it a truly bat-like appearance.

The back of the car is where things got even more interesting. Behind the driver and passenger rose a curved glass rear windshield that came up to meet a large red light wrapped in chrome. From the back, the car had a mock design for a turbine.

The interior of the car matches the exterior, with black leather seats lined with red trim and red stitching. Inside you will find your standard equipment like a steering wheel – with the Batman logo, of course – and a red phone mounted to the center console, behind which sat a red fire extinguisher.

1966 Batmobile| Interior
1966 Batmobile| Interior

While this may just be a superhero car for DC fans, the replicas of the Batmobile are real, drivable cars that can fulfill all of your childhood dreams. With some pretty underwhelming power, however, this might meet the qualifications for ‘never meet your heroes’ or rather, never met your heroes’ cars. There were several of these Batmobile Batrodz made, but on rare occasions, they do pop up in auction houses for purchase and you can expect to pay around $110,000 to put one in your very own Batcave.