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What’s better than finding one barn find vintage Range Rover? How about 16 of them? There is a field in Cream Ridge, NJ, that is home to a collection of 16 classic Range Rovers that are begging for some love. The owner has listed the collection of 16 barn find vintage Range Rovers on eBay for any brave soul willing to dig in – and spend $73,000. 

massive barn find of vintage ranger rovers listed on eBay
Range Rover horde | Rover Classic

How much is a vintage Range Rover worth? 

Like most things, the value of a vintage Range Rover is all about condition and demand. According to CarScoops, the many Range Rovers cover a wide range of conditions. Many of them come with a salvage title. This means these will most likely go for parts. However, that doesn’t mean someone couldn’t restore them and get them roadworthy again. 

Although some states won’t allow for salvage titled cars to be registered, some will. Some of these Range Rovers have clean titles. With these examples, you could use the other ‘parts’ Rovers to build a few killer 4x4s. 

Primetime for the vintage Range Rover resto-mod crowd 

vintage range rover barn find
Vintage Range Rover | Rover Classic

With overlanding and electric vehicle tech getting so popular and common, there are now tons of aftermarket 4×4 builders who use crusty shells like these to build six-figure rigs. Every week, there seems to be another beautiful vintage Range Rover resto modded into a modern luxury SUV. 

As SUV taste has shifted to these vintage, boxy ’80s and ’90s models like Ford Broncos, Land Rover Defenders, and even these finicky Range Rovers, members of the millennial generation are tripping over themselves to snag a new and improved version of the SUVs and cars that they grew up wanting. 

Range Rovers from this era are known for their horrible reliability, but people love their look. The large, boxy aesthetic is very “in” these days but being stuck on the side of the road is less hot. This has led to this boom in resto modding these vintage Range Rovers and Land Rovers and other such cool yet unreliable 4x4s. 

What else do we know about this barn find horde?

Vintage Range Rover horde
Vintage Range Rover | Rover Classic

The listing mentions that all 16 of the Range Rovers are “County” models. This means they are all left-hand drive U.S. spec models. Range Rover is a British marque, and as a result, it is not uncommon to see them in right-hand-drive configurations. 

While these are perfectly legal to drive in the States, some people are thrown off by these English specifications. The listing also shows that at least one of them is in the very cool County LWB, which denoted the long-wheelbase version. These Range Rovers had a 108-inch wheelbase making them bigger and better for overlanding or camper builds. 

These LWB models also had air suspension and the Rover 4.2-liter V8. As you can probably guess, the seller notes that none of these Range Rovers are in running order currently. But, with a little spit and elbow grease, it seems likely that this barn find horde of vintage Range Rovers will likely hold at least one strong candidate for restoration.


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