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“C’mon Barbie, let’s go party!” OK, we’ll try not to get those lyrics stuck in your head. But considering the forthcoming live-action “Barbie” movie, starring Margot Robbie, is due to come out in a year, don’t be surprised if Aqua’s infamous song hijacks your brain in the meantime.

More importantly, one thing that car enthusiasts will likely be wondering until the movie debuts is what kind of car Barbie will drive. According to the one official image released by Warner Bros., it looks to be an electric Chevy Corvette.

 Various Barbie dolls are on display at the special exhibition.
Various Barbie dolls are on display at the special exhibition. | Christoph Schmidt/picture alliance via Getty Images

Barbie’s electric Chevrolet Corvette is dropping at the right time

The eagle-eyed reporter over at Fox News picked the sole press photo apart. They noted that the car Barbie is driving looks like a 56-57 Corvette model. That’s not too much of a stretch considering Barbie and the retro Corvette go hand-in-hand like… well… Barbie and Ken.

But upon closer inspection, Fox News noticed that the Corvette has a “modern twist” that’s apparent when you zoom in on the car’s Chevrolet logo. There’s a blue “EV” in the logo, much like the brand’s forthcoming electric vehicles and a charging door can be seen above the logo.

A close-up shot of the Chevrolet logo on Barbie's Corvette in the upcoming "Barbie" movie.
A close-up shot of the Chevrolet logo on Barbie’s Corvette in the upcoming “Barbie” movie. | Fow News Auto/Warner Bros.

The release of the Barbie movie coincides with another release

According to Variety, “Barbie” is set to release in theaters on July 21, 2023. And while that future date leaves us in great anticipation, it also curiously coincides with the release of the hybrid and all-electric Chevrolet Corvettes.

Fox News Auto reached out to Chevrolet about the movie car. A spokeswoman replied: “Barbie and Corvette have had a long-standing relationship and we’re excited to build on that in the Barbie movie. More to come on this and other surprises.”

That’s pretty ambiguous, however, it does actually make us wonder what else lies in store on the automotive front for the movie. From what we know so far, Barbie will be driving her Corvette and Ken – played by Ryan Gosling – could drive one of a number of electrified GM vehicles.

Those vehicles include a Hummer EV and a Chevy Silverado EV that’s set to come out in the future. If it were up to us, the Hummer sounds more fitting for Ken.

Don’t worry, the Aqua song won’t be in the movie


How Does the Electric Corvette Go So Fast?

Cars aside, Aqua’s 1997 hit song “Barbie Girl” will allegedly not be in the movie, Variety reports. The European band’s manager, Ulrich Møller-Jørgensen, told Variety simply, “The song will not be used in the movie.”

Why not? Apparently, Mattel was concerned that the song’s lyrics are too suggestive and portrayed the character in a promiscuous light. The toy brand also didn’t like that the Ken doll character “dismembered” the Barbie character by accidentally pulling off her arm in the original music video.

It’s a shame, but that won’t keep the song from being stuck in our heads any time anyone brings up the future live-action flick. It’s too bad we’ll have to wait more than a year for it to finally drop and quell our curiosity about what other surprises lie ahead.