10 Awesome Gift Options for All the GM Guys in Your Family

Holiday Gift Guide

Chevy merchandise
Chevy merchandise | General Motors

So you’ve got a crazy uncle who really loves pitting his Corvette against everyone else on the track during One Lap of America, a cousin who digs all things retro, and a dad who needs a new cellphone case because his cracked when it fell out the back of the Tahoe. Well good news guys, this holiday season you can get something for all three of these characters and in the process earn Bowtie brownie points with that uncle who also happens to own a split-window Corvette. You know, just in case he feels like rewriting his living will one afternoon.

For us, shopping online is the only way to go, and General Motors’ merchandise website, aka ChevyMall, has everything you need in one place. So sound the horns: It’s time to order everything on the same day from the comfort of your pajamas and get a little cash back on that credit card, as shopping season officially heats up.

Corvette Racing Piloti Driving Shoes
Corvette Racing Piloti Driving Shoes | General Motors

Deep within the madhouse known as the week of December 25, chances are your house is just as divided as ours when it comes to car preferences. It’s a festive yet tense family affair, where the Mopar men drink in one corner, the Ford fans talk Pony Cars in the other, and the Chevy guys ceremoniously spike the eggnog with entirely too much Old Forester.

Over the years we’ve discovered that all the GM fans in the family are a different breed altogether when it comes to gift giving, and their preferences can be pretty particular to say the least. These are the men who prefer well proportioned and equally well-built servings of nostalgia, functional decorations for their man caves, and a variety of Bowtie branded practicality. Here are 10 amazing GM gifts guaranteed to make any Chevy lover smile this holiday season.

1. Camaro zip hoodie — $39.99

Camaro Zip Hoodie
Camaro Zip Hoodie | General Motors

We start our shopping spree off with a Chevy zip hoodie that sports a simplistic Camaro block print on the front, two pockets, draw strings, a hood, and little else. Made out of a cotton/polyester blend, this Heather Denim Blue hoodie is ideal for that member of your family who lives for an early morning jog and likes looking stylish while they do so.

2. Corvette Racing Piloti Driving Shoes — $135.00

Piloti racing shoes
Piloti racing shoes | General Motors

Available only in mens sizes 6 to 14, these Limited Edition Corvette Racing Piloti driving shoes are designed and meticulously crafted with the hardcore enthusiast in mind. Featuring a suede and mesh upper body, the “Spyder S1” is engineered with a narrow toe in mind, and GM strongly recommends ordering a half-size up in order to ensure a comfortable fit.

Pilotis is known for its patented “Roll Control” spherical heel support system, which has been praised by top drivers during LeMans races for its angled design, which rises up the back of the shoe. This unique approach also provides extra cushioning and grip behind the heel bone as well as across the sides of the right shoe, which comes clad in a vintage rubber tread design for additional grip during rapid heel-toe downshifts.

3. Vintage Bowtie Seatbelt Buckle Belt — $21.95

Vintage Bowtie seatbelt buckle belt
Vintage Bowtie seatbelt buckle belt | General Motors

GM’s ChevyMall website says that “this belt is intended to hold up your pants, and should NOT be used as a safety belt extender.” Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s worth noting that these belts are still made with an authentic metal seat belt buckle, and measure 1.5 inches wide in order to fit even the wildest party pants. With its vintage Chevy Bowtie emblem front and center, these 100% American made belts can be had in a regular fit for anyone with a 24 to 38 inch waist, or an X-Large, which adjusts easily to fit a size 32 to 52.

4. Camaro ZL1 Kid’s 18″ Yellow Carry On Case — $79.95

Camaro ZL1 kids yellow carry-on case
Camaro ZL1 kids yellow carry-on case | General Motors

Here’s a great gift for all those fledgling gearheads in your family. The Camaro ZL1 kids carry-on case is a stylish way of introducing the youth to the joys of travel, as they are sure to attend quite a few sanctioned races in their youth. Loaded with side latches for easy access, smooth wheels for rapid rolling, and a heavy-duty construction that borders on being bulletproof, these cases open vertically and measure 19-by-11-by-8-inches and weigh just 6 pounds when empty.

5. General Motors Futurliner diecast model — $27.95

General Motors Futurliner 1:64 Diecast Model
General Motors Futurliner 1:64 Diecast Model | General Motors

This model offers a 1:64 scale look at a piece of automotive memorabilia that the most hardcore GM history buffs will appreciate. The GM Futurliners were a group of custom buses designed in the 1940s by Harley Earl, and played key roles in the “Parade of Progress,” a traveling exhibition that promoted future vehicles and technologies in both 1940 and 1941 and again from 1953 to 1956. Topics spanning from jet engine technologies and agriculture to stereophonic sound and broadcast television were covered during these rolling symposiums, which proved to be a hit with the general public all the way up until TV proved to be more popular with the masses.

Only a dozen General Motors Futurliners were ever made, so these miniature diecast metal recreations are about as close as many of us will ever get to the real thing. Measuring 5 to 6 inches in length, these oddball tour buses come protected by an acrylic case with a plastic base, and window box packaging for easy visibility.

6. Car cleaning kit — $99.99

Chevy car cleaning kit
Chevy car cleaning kit | General Motors

Designed for that Type-A uncle who forbids anyone else from polishing his classic step-side, this Chevrolet car care kit features five of GM’s top selling Adams Car Care Products, all packed in a heavy-duty canvas Bowtie bag with room for spare sponges, rags, and more. By opting for this kit you will also save over 28% compared to buying the bag and products listed below individually.

Car care kit contains:
1. Adams Total Interior Detailer Premium Car Care
2. Adams Leather Conditioner Premium Car Care
3. Adams Detail Spray Premium Car Care
4. Adams Buttery Wax Premium Car Care
5. Adams All Purpose Cleaner Premium Car Care

7. C7 Corvette Stingray Sterling Wrap Ring— $115.00

C7 Corvette Stingray sterling silver ring
C7 Corvette Stingray sterling silver ring | General Motors

At first glance it may look like a face-hugging alien hatchling looking to lay its eggs in your chest, but this C7 Corvette Stingray sterling silver polished wrap ring really is a sharp piece of art and ideal for the ‘Vette fanatic in your family. Available in sizes 5 to 9, these rings ship separately from Pennsylvania, and are only available to customers in the U.S. and Canada.

8. Carbon fiber polarized sunglasses — $99.95

Carbon fiber polarized sunglasses
Carbon fiber polarized sunglasses | General Motors

Everyone deserves a great pair of shades, and these polarized carbon Chevrolet sunglasses offer a fun alternative to the normal plastic wrap-around look. While polarization eliminates glare for improved visual acuity courtesy of a proprietary Noctular material, a polycarbonate thickness of just 2.0-millimeters allows maximum impact resistance. Designed by an optometrist, these sunglasses feature a special base curve that eliminates eyestrain and enhances visual acuity. Toss in a double thick, scratch resistant coating on both front and rear lens surfaces, and you’ve got a set of shades that are certified “Chevy Grade!”

As for the frames, they are constructed from a high performance TR90 material, a lightweight, bendable composite that comes attached to a specialized “Temperature Control Grip” molded into both the nose pads and temple frame. This means the hotter the material becomes, the more it grips your skin, so on hot days you won’t have to worry about glasses sliding off your nose. 100% made in the USA, these sunglasses come with a Chevy microfiber pouch and gold bowtie on each temple, and come with an outstanding warranty.

9. Vintage iPhone 6 case — $21.95

Vintage iPhone 6 case
Vintage iPhone 6 case | General Motors

Here’s a great stocking stuffer for your favorite heavy Chevy fanatic. They can now keep their iPhone 6 protected in style with this rubber Chevrolet case, which we dig due to its vintage appeal. Providing easy access to all functions and outstanding drop protection, this case is compatible with all Apple iPhone 6 models, including 6S and 6 Plus.

10. 1927 Chevrolet Vintage Advertisement Sign — $55.00-125.00

Vintage Chevrolet sign
Vintage Chevrolet sign | General Motors

Our final option is a blast from the past, as this authentic 1927 Chevrolet advertisement sign offers a glimpse at what was once the height of automotive engineering. This vintage wood sign may not be an original, but it sure has been crafted to look the part, as its image comes printed directly to a distressed wood panel. Made in the USA, this is just one of the many classic pieces of advertising memorabilia available on the ChevyMall website, with this one being available in both 12-by-24-inch and 18-by-35-inch configurations. Since these signs typically ship separately from Washington, shipping locations are limited to the Continental USA only and tend to take about a week for delivery.