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In the market for a strange camper? Look no further than this whale-inspired travel trailer. You may look at it with confusion and curiosity, but this odd camper is actually an award-winning design. Combining a unique style with an ergonomic layout, let’s dive into what makes this towable camper trailer special (other than the fact that it’s shaped like a whale).

Whale-Inspired Camper Trailer Opened
Whale-Inspired Camper Trailer Opened | Yo Hung via Red Dot

This whale-shaped camper is a 2021 Red Dot award-winning design

The Red Dot design award is a great way for anyone trying to break the mold to see if their ideas work. This whale camper trailer managed to snag a winning spot in the design contest, meaning that, as a concept, the design has some merit.

From the conceptual art, this enclosed camper has a pop-up top, increasing headroom for what we would assume to be the kitchen area. The bedroom extends from the back to the camper shell to create more room in the middle. And the kitchen itself can be used both inside and outside, sliding from the interior and the exterior. That means the camper can cook outside when the weather permits, and inside when it doesn’t.

But as mentioned, this camper is a conceptual design. In other words, it doesn’t exist, and chances are it never will.

This concept camper trailer doesn’t actually exist

Whale Camper Trailer Concept
Whale Camper Trailer Concept | Yo Hung via Red Dot

The design was created by Hu Yong, and aims to encapsulate the needs of Chinese campers. You see, many other nations, China included, have incredibly dense urban areas and narrow roads. On top of that, the interstates are often packed, which would leave little room for American-styled Class A motorhomes.

The solution? A modular camper trailer with design philosophies similar to Dr. Who’s tardis: bigger on the inside. With extendable pieces, this travel trailer can fit more inside of it without having to build a bigger RV. Many RVs and camper trailers utilize this strategy, but clearly, it’s an award-winning solution.

Obviously, there are no other details on this camper trailer. No weight or exact size, and no features or amenities listed because the design isn’t real. However, the inspiration behind this whale trailer is stronger than you’d think.

Why did the designer choose a whale for a camper trailer?

Whale Camper Trailer Design Concept
Whale Camper Trailer Design Concept | Yo Hung via Red Dot

Why Are They Called “Fifth-Wheel” Trailers and Campers?

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of camping in the great outdoors is a whale. That’s sarcasm, but there may be a reason why Yu Hong selected a whale as the source of his inspiration. While they are an aerodynamic species, as most sea creatures are, many Chinese citizens enjoy marine life.

Whales are a prominent symbol for southern Chinese residents. Specifically, those who reside in coastal cities. According to World Birds, it is believed that these whales brought the millet seed to the region, which is turned into the grain that sustains civilizations.

Now, this whale-inspired travel trailer sustains ergonomic design principles. And while we’d love to see this unique and Red Dot award winning camper hit the road, chances are we never will.