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The all-new Toyota bZ4X is the automaker’s first electric crossover. It’s an excellent option for anyone interested, but it might be plagued by one big problem. Freezing temperatures could prove detrimental to the bZ4X, as Toyota says DC fast charging won’t work. If you live in a cold climate, you may want to avoid buying the Toyota bZ4X.

The Toyota bZ4X AWD won’t fast charge in freezing temperatures

A 2023 Toyota bZ4X AWD could get its biggest problems from freezing temperatures as the cold climate prevents DC fast charging.
2023 Toyota bZ4X | Toyota

According to CarScoops, DC fast charging won’t work on the Toyota bZ4X AWD in temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, freezing temperatures could be the electric crossover’s biggest problem. Toyota says DC fast charging can take the front-wheel-drive model from 10 to 80 percent charging capacity in just 30 minutes.

However, all-wheel drive versions of the EV require an hour to charge the same amount. We’re not talking about freezing temperatures yet, either. Furthermore, DC fast charging is much slower on the bZ4X AWD than on the FWD models. Finally, the automaker says, “DC charging may not work on AWD bZ4X when the temperature is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.” As a result, owners will need 10 hours to charge the Toyota electric crossover.

Avoid the Toyota bZ4X if you live in the cold

A Toyota bZ4X AWD electirc crossover can't use DC fast charging in freezing temperatures. Could a cold climate be the electric crossover biggest issue?
2023 Toyota bZ4X | Toyota

If you’re located in the north or anywhere with freezing temperatures often, the Toyota bZ4X might be a bad idea. While other electric vehicles seem fine in cold weather, the bZ4X AWD loses an essential feature. “As temperatures decrease below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, charging time will increase significantly,” Toyota said. With cold temperatures plaguing the U.S. well into May, that’s not a good look for the new electric crossover.

The bZ4X can’t afford negativity like this with such a crowded segment. AWD versions of the bZ4X have an EPA-estimated maximum driving range per charge of 228 miles. Moreover, the mediocre range doesn’t make the lack of charging capability any better. Anyone looking to go on a road trip will need to charge a few times, but hopefully, it’ll be in a warm climate.

Compared to competitors like the Ford Mustang Mach-E, the bZ4X’s driving range is lower than all but the base model, which can go 211 miles per charge. While Ford’s offering isn’t any better, the Toyota bZ4X is pretty costly. $45,295 for the AWD version makes it very disappointing to miss out on DC fast charging.

How much is the Toyota bZ4X?

For the 2023 model year, the Toyota bZ4X only has two trim levels. Moreover, the XLE and Limited models cost $43,215 and $47,915, respectively. However, upgrading either version to a dual-motor, all-wheel drive variant costs $2,080. We think most people will choose to do so since more power and capability are always a plus. However, with the looming news, bZ4X buyers might be more hesitant to select the AWD model that’s incapable of DC fast charging when it gets chilly.

Furthermore, other benefits of the upgrade aren’t as enticing as they once seemed. For example, the standard single motor setup makes 201 horsepower, but the upgraded version only makes 215. Compared to all-wheel drive models like the Hyundai Ioniq AWD, which produces 320 horsepower, that’s far from impressive. While there are obvious benefits of upgrading to the dual-motor AWD variant of the bZ4X, other models offer more.

A Cold climate could be a big problem for the Toyota bZ4X

In conclusion, the 2023 Toyota bZ4X is an excellent electric crossover overall. However, if you live in a cold climate, you may want to rethink buying one. Freezing temperatures not only increase charging time, but DC fast charging may not work at all on the AWD model. As a result, you’ll need a minimum of 10 hours to recharge every time you drive 228 miles.


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