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Sometimes, the best reviews aren’t recommendations making cases for which car you should buy. Instead, the best is the advice that leads you to choose which car not to purchase, and in turn, helps you avoid that ever-burdensome, buyer’s remorse.

We found a few comments and reliability ratings that may have you running for the hills. It’s not often a luxury compact sedan gets a snub. But this one did, and it should be one luxurious car you avoid buying altogether.

What Consumer Reports had to say about the Alfa Romeo Giulia

We often turn to the experts at Consumer Reports for authentic feedback from vehicle owners, and insights from the experts who test the latest models. There is an Italian sedan that is chock-full of personality and sass but falls short in a few key areas.

The competition in this luxury compact sedan space is steep, so expectations are high for the best details. For the 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia, there are a few frustrations, including a tight rear seat, super tiny trunk, and annoying parking sensors that still sound when the car is in park.

It’s not as quiet of a ride either, at least when compared to its German competition. A dealbreaker for many consumers is the overall predicted reliability rating, which may be the Giulia’s Achilles heel.

Poor reliability ratings

When Consumer Reports assigns a reliability rating to a new vehicle, it’s based on estimation. Of course, it’s hard to say how a particular model will last over the next five years or 200,000 miles.

The experts use extensive survey data from among its members and combine it with their technical knowledge to make their most educated predictions. Based on the past three model years and a few serious hiccups with the Alfa Romeo Giulia in 2017, this year’s model gets a low, one out of five rating.

How the Alfa Romeo Giulia performed in the road test

When it came time for evaluation on the road, the Alfa Romeo Giulia didn’t disappoint at first. When it comes to hugging the road and chomping through curves, it performed like a dream.

But, as with other shortcomings, the Giulia presented with some driver-loathed inconsistencies. The ergonomics fell short, with limited adjustment options for the driving position. The shifter was a bit of a pain, too, in part due to the button prerequisite to put it in drive. The vents direct freezing cold air straight to your elbows.

As fun as it handles in a serpentine, it just doesn’t quite measure up. And, it might never reach its full potential with its unimpressive stock tires.

It’s not as bad as it sounds

Ok, it may seem like a nightmare of a doomsday purchase. But we assure you this sedan may still be worth a look, and it’s not as bad as it sounds. There are plenty of silver linings for this Alfa Romeo Giulia review. Consumer Reports brags that it handles like a sports car, which is great considering it’s a sedan.

It boasts a hefty menu of standard equipment, including popular driver aids like forward-collision warning and auto emergency braking. Another perk is the Giulia’s 27 mpg average gas mileage, making it one of the most fuel-efficient in this segment.

It’s not a bad car, and only you can decide if it fits like a glove or not. Don’t be afraid to take one for a test drive. Many thoroughly enjoy the spunky personality and peppy drive of this sedan. But for those who tend to rely on Consumer Reports ratings and recommendations, the Alfa Romeo Giulia might be one model worth avoiding in 2020.