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Generally, a pickup that launches well when it is first available and provides good initial service to the buyer tends to have fewer issues two and three years down the road. So says We Predict, a company that collects and analyzes vehicle repairs, maintenance, service campaigns, and warranty actions. It collects that data from both dealerships and independent service centers. 

This is a quality analysis for three pickup truck segments

An image of a Ram 3500 Heavy Duty parked outdoors.
2021 Ram 3500 | Stellantis

Now We Predict has released its findings for 2021 pickup trucks in all segments with some interesting findings. James Davies, CEO of We Predict says, “It’s likely that in 60 months the Top 3 after 90 days will still be in the Top 3.  Its findings cover midsize, large, and large heavy-duty pickups in three size categories.

For midsize trucks ranging from $33,000 to $64,000, coming in last is the GMC Canyon. In the large pickup category ranging in price from $51,000 to $144,000, the last place went to Nissan’s Titan pickup. And in the heavy-duty segment with prices ranging from $54,000 to $162,000, the Ram 2500 was ranked last, with the Ram 3500 just ahead of that.

Pickup costs incurred in the first 90 days predict costs over the life of the vehicle

close up of GMC hubcap
GMC truck | Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

These rankings generally indicate that whatever costs are incurred in the first 90 days are a good predictor of costs over the life of the vehicle. That cost is 20 times the three-month cost after five years. After three years it is 15 times. So, quality doesn’t get better with age. 

“It’s basically everything that’s not the result of a collision,” Davies told Automotive News. “These are actual service interactions, not someone’s perceptions.” So which of these brands scored at the bottom?

At the very bottom was GMC. Moving up the rankings just above GMC is Chevrolet, then Ford, and Mini. The Top 3 for all brands is Honda in first, Hyundai coming in second, and Buick rounding the Top 3. 

Rangers scored well but in brand rankings, Ford was near the bottom

A blue ford f-150 raptor
Ford Ranger Raptor | Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

So even though the winner in the midsize pickup category was the Ford Ranger, for overall brand ranking Ford was near the bottom. This is almost the same for Ram, which was ranked below average for overall brands. So these rankings can send mixed messages for the consumer.

Overall, we would say stick to the individual rankings when considering a pickup. Also, keep in mind that entirely new or highly revised pickups are just around the corner with the electric F150 being unveiled today, and the 2022 Silverado seeing big changes in both design and interior appointments. 


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