Avoid the Temptatious 2019 BMW X5 At All Costs

Buying luxury at a discounted price seems like a great idea. That is until the product creates more problems than it’s worth. That might be the case with the used 2019 BMW X5.

Purchasing a used X5 seems practical at first glance. You’re getting a supposedly high-quality product, but you won’t take the most significant depreciation hit. However, not all X5 models are created equal, and the 2019 iteration is one of the most troublesome of the bunch.

Before signing the dotted line, examine the 2019 BMW X5’s underlining issues. That way, you won’t be stuck with a purchase you regret.

The 2019 BMW X5 initially seemed like a winner

A white 2019 BMW X5 parked on rocky terrain
A 2019 BMW X5 on display | BMW

First impressions leave a lasting impression. But what happens when first impressions don’t last?

Consumer Reports’ review of the 2019 BMW X5 stated it was one of the best SUVs it ever tested. 

The publication praised the X5’s incredible ride quality. The luxury SUV virtually eliminates wind noise and road bumps. Plus, it handles smoothly and delivers exhilarating acceleration.

However, Consumer Reports soured on the 2019 BMW X5 over the last few years. After collecting further data, the publication found that the midsize luxury SUV is among the least reliable in its class.

Now, the 2019 BMW X5 resides on Consumer Reports’ ‘Used Cars to Avoid Buying’ list.

Should you be concerned about the 2019 BMW X5’s poor reliability?

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It’s one thing if you have to take your car to the shop once in a blue moon. But according to Consumer Reports’ data, actual 2019 X5 owners are dealing with more frequent issues.

The publication gave the vehicle a 16% reliability rating, indicating that the luxury SUV is unlikely to hold up as it ages. So, it’s no surprise that this model’s resale value has plummeted.

Consumer Reports evaluates 17 potential trouble spots on every model it analyzes. The 2019 BMW X5 earned the lowest score in four areas – some more serious than others.

This used luxury SUV may leave you out in the cold

A look at the leather upholstery and center console inside the 2019 BMW X5
The 2019 BMW X5’s interior | BMW

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Despite its luxuriousness and sporty driving dynamics, the BMW X5 has a history of complaints. This iteration of the midsize SUV is no exception.

The 2019 model’s in-car electronic components and climate system frequently frustrated owners. The majority of these complaints were about annoying issues that won’t dramatically affect your driving experience. However, more severe problems can occur.

One 2019 BMW X5 xDrive40i owner told Consumer Reports, “Too much hot air was directed to the console and caused an overheating problem. When the heat became great enough, it caused the display screen to go black. The nav didn’t work. No information was available about the vehicle’s performance.”

However, you should be most worried about the luxury SUV’s power equipment and body integrity. 

The power equipment includes components such as cruise control, remote start, the security system, warning lights, and more. Meanwhile, body integrity issues include squeaks, loose/cracked seals, rattles, and more.

These problems can directly affect the way you drive and may lead to expensive repairs in the future. For example, a different 2019 BMW X5 xDrive40i owner reported water leakage on the front passenger side, despite the sunroof drain appearing to be in good working condition.

Luxurious used car alternatives to the problematic 2019 BMW X5

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Let’s face it; it’ll be tough to find a used luxury midsize SUV that’s as refined and fun to drive as the X5. However, there are several options that won’t leave you wanting more.

The 2019 Lexus GX earned Consumer Reports’ ‘recommended’ badge, and it’s a class-leader in reliability with an 80% rating.

Alternatively, you could explore a used 2018 Maserati Levante. It earned third place on the U.S. News & World Report’s 12 Best Used Luxury SUVs for $40,000+.

Notably, both models are more affordable than the 2019 BMW X5. According to Consumer Reports, a used 2019 X5 has an average retail price between $50,000-$61,825. Meanwhile, the 2019 Lexus GX comes in anywhere between $43,600-$49,450, and the 2018 Maserati Levante costs between $44,400-$53,700.