Avoid the Kia Telluride, Buy the Honda Pilot Instead

The Honda Pilot is a trusted family SUV loved by many and doubted by few. It boasts Honda quality, simplicity, and reliability. But it may be time for families to move in a new direction. Lately, we have seen a huge influx of people moving choosing to avoid the Honda Pilot by buying the Kia Telluride instead.

Why choose the Honda Pilot over the Kia Telluride? They both have features in common like third row seating, and a comfortable ride with family convenience in mind. The Honda’s design may be what Kelley Blue Book calls “a little long in the tooth,” but we still think it’s one of the best family vehicles out there. Just not quite as flashy as the sparkly new hyped-up Telluride.

The Honda Pilot may have proved to hold its value, but –– since it’s new –– there’s no telling what will happen with the Telluride. They are beginning to sell out. The sheer demand for the Kia Telluride may significantly boost its resale value as well. But to be honest, that’s about the only thing the Telluride‘s got over on the Pilot at this point.

Standard features

The Honda Pilot really does have a lot to offer –– when it’s fully loaded. The Kia Telluride’s standard features are on another level compared with the Honda SUV’s base model. The Kia Telluride is decked out with “a variety of high-quality materials that exude luxury,” according to KBB.

But let’s be real. Who ever buys the base model? Even if you opt for a base model, you’ll probably end up adding some uprgrades to it anyway. The Honda Pilot may not exude luxury, but it will last a lifetime. The materials inside and out are of a proven quality that Honda has offered for years. That is part of what keeps the resale value on Honda models. People have come to expect a certain level of functional quality and reliability. And for the most part they deliver. Honda doesn’t need to prove itself; it’s one of the giants and it’s here to stay.

The Kia Telluride’s infotainment comes standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, while the Honda Pilot lacks this in its least expensive trim. One more place the Honda Pilot loses the standard feature battle is the blind-spot monitor with rear cross-traffic alert, and a drowsy driver warning system. The Kia Telluride has all these in the base model, while the Honda Pilot does not. But the Honda Pilot offers all of that and more just one trim level above its base model.

Plus, the 2020 Pilot has an available engine upgrade that is an absolute game changer. MotorTrend is still gunning for the Pilot and they loved the powerful upgraded V6. Also, the Honda Pilot offers all of the family amenities of a minivan, like rear entertainment. The Kia Telluride –– even in its highest trim –– doesn’t offer this.


The Honda Pilot comes along with the Honda reputation for reliability; it’s not backed by a very competitive warranty. The Kia Telluride sells with the Kia’s factory warranty. It’s one of the best in the nation and offers twice the coverage as Honda’s factory warranty. But Honda’s warranty isn’t the worst, and their vehicles are proven to push past high mileage limits time and time again with just regular maintenance.

If you are going to spend your hard earned bucks on a new family friendly SUV, it’s nice to know that your investment is protected either by an industry-leading warranty or by dependable reliability. We’ll go with the tried and true Honda in this case. The Kia Telluride offers cushy coverage. But the Honda Pilot’s reliability keeps it in the game.

Honda Pilot instead of the Kia Telluride

With the lower price point, the bundle of standard features, and a warranty that lends some extra peace of mind, the Telluride is looking like a pretty good choice. However, while we do love the Telluride, the Honda Pilot is still an extremely strong contender. It isn’t getting any hype, but maybe that’s because it doesn’t need it.