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Woo hoo, the country is reopening just in time for the Fourth of July! That means it’s the perfect time for a vacation. However, there is a lot of holiday travel expected this year, and cops will be out there watching. Learn the driver mistakes the police will keep an eye out for. 

Driver mistakes that might get you pulled over 

A police officer watching traffic in the city
A police officer watching traffic | Photo by JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP via Getty Images

Summer is here, and it’s time to pack the family into your truck or SUV for a vacation! However, the roads have been pretty busy out there, and cops are watching for driver mistakes. Don’t ruin the entire trip by getting a ticket

There are a few things that can stand out in plain view. For example, having a broken brake light, a cracked windshield, a burned-out headlight, an open container of alcohol, drug paraphernalia sitting on a seat, or the dash can get you stopped. 

Make sure that your registration isn’t expired. An expired registration tag could indicate that a driver is operating a vehicle without insurance. 

Overly tinted windows are another red flag. If police officers can’t see what’s happening inside of the vehicle, they might feel the need to discover what’s going on. 

Poorly loaded trucks also catch the eye. You may have noticed mattresses, tables, or other debris that have flown out the back of a truck. Cops may see your luggage and stop you if it seems dangerously loaded. 

Bad driver habits to avoid 

Sometimes it’s not the vehicle that catches the eye, but it’s the driver’s mistakes instead. Be on your best behavior during holiday traffic. Following another car too closely or tailgating is a red flag and could lead to road rage. 

Also, you can get a ticket for not using your turn signal. Make sure you hit your blinker before changing lanes or making a turn. Also, on that note, it’s dangerous to weave in and out of traffic, and switching lanes during an intersection is illegal in most states. 

Of course, you don’t want to be speeding. If you’re in a group of cars that are going over the speed limit, stay in the middle. Cars in the front and back usually get the ticket. You don’t want to go under the speed limit, either. 

Make sure you’re confident towing your trailer or RV before getting on the highway and maintain your speed. Failing to adjust your speed during inclement weather situations like thunderstorms can also get you pulled over. 

Stay focused on the road. Don’t look at your phone or drive distracted. This may cause you to swerve in and out of your lane. Also, be aware of your surroundings and always yield to emergency vehicles. 

Don’t panic at DUI checkpoints

a cop at a DUI checkpoint performing tests
Cop at a DUI checkpoint | Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Sometimes driver mistakes happen at regular DUI checkpoints. Do not try to avoid them. If you’re spotted turning around to avoid one, then the police may follow you to see why you wanted to avoid it. 

Have your driver’s license and proof of insurance ready. Don’t dig around in the glove box and center console because these movements could be threatening to some. It helps to be polite and respectful. If you’re asked to get out of your vehicle, calmly follow the officer’s instructions. 

Please drive safely this fourth of July. Don’t drink and drive. If you have too many beverages, call an Uber or Lyft. Also, don’t drive tired, as that’s the equivalent of driving drunk. Watch out for cops, and have a wonderful vacation.


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