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The chip shortage has caused some major issues within the automobile industry, but fortunately, many cars aren’t affected. So, rather than buying a brand-new car that may be suffering from the chip shortage, customers would be wise to consider buying used. Here’s a look at some great Toyota Highlander models which will cost under $20,000.

Toyota dominates the affordable used car market

Toyota's all-new silver 2020 Toyota Highlander is seen during the media preview of the 2019 New York International Auto Show
The 2020 Toyota Highlander | Xinhua/Wang Ying via Getty Images

For folks who may want a new car but have been scared off by the chip shortage, Toyota is probably the best bet as far as used cars go. Toyota models have a reputation for being safe, reliable, and overall great workhorses that won’t break the bank. It’s no surprise that when Consumer Reports listed the best used cars that are under $20,000, Toyota dominated the list. 

Not only did many of Toyota’s sedans make the list, but so did Toyota’s SUVs, including the Highlander. Consumer Reports recommended two model years of the Toyota Highlander, and they were recommended for the same reasons that the other Toyotas were recommended. Not only do they cost less than the $20,000 limit, but they’s just great cars in general. 

Since they are used cars though, they’re generally not going to come with all the gadgets and gizmos that a brand-new Highlander may come with. That being said, ironically, all those features and accessories are how automakers got into this chip shortage mess, to begin with.

Regardless, here’s a look at the 2013 and 2014 Highlanders, both of which are affordable used options for anyone who wants a great SUV right now. 

The 2013 Toyota Highlander

While the 2013 and 2014 Highlanders were a year apart, there are actually significant differences between them. That’s because, like Consumer Reports said, the 2014 Toyota Highlander was the first model year of a new generation of the Highlander, which makes the 2013 Highlander the last model year of the prior generation.

In any case, the 2013 Highlander is still a very good used SUV, as it costs between $14,000 and $18,000. The standard engine, which is a 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine that gets about 185 hp, is decent enough; however, the V6 models are going to be more fun to drive. Regardless, Consumer Reports said that the 2013 Highlander should also have a pretty quiet and comfortable ride. 

However, while the second-row seats are comfortable, the third-row seats are less comfortable, according to Consumer Reports. And of course, since it’s a car from 2013, it’s not going to have many smart features. Regardless, it’s still a safe and reliable car, just like any other Toyota ought to be.

The 2014 Toyota Highlander

A used 2014 Toyota Highlander will start at about $17,000, though certain trims may cost up to $23,000. Regardless, the 2014 Highlander makes a lot of improvements on the 2013 Highlander, and despite having very similar engine options, the 2014 Highlander is slightly more fuel-efficient. Overall, the 2014 Highlander gets about 20 MPG combined, which is a 2 MPG improvement over the 2013 Highlander.

On top of that, Consumer Reports said that the 2014 Highlander handles better than before, and its third-row seats are also more spacious now. That said, while Toyota did improve the electronics on the 2014 Highlander, it still doesn’t come with that many smart features which are standard today. They were offered as options, but the standard 2014 Highlander came with not much high-tech equipment. 

This redesign wasn’t perfect however, and the 2014 Highlander did get worse in a few areas. For example, Consumer Reports said that the 2014 Highlander didn’t have as quiet or as comfortable of a ride as the prior model years did. 

Either of these used Toyota Highlander options is a great choice for you to still get a good vehicle despite all that’s going on with the chip shortage.


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