Avoid Buying a Problematic Used 2014 Ram 2500

A used 2014 Ram 2500 isn’t the right fit for you if dependability is at the top of your priority list.

Recent Ram 2500 models earned tons of praise for delivering legendary capability and providing trusted reliability. So, you might think it’s a smart idea to save thousands of dollars by buying an older used version.

Well, you have the right idea. But this model year of the Ram 2500 is one you’ll want to avoid. Don’t fret, as we’ll tell you exactly what went wrong with this problematic truck, and we’ll give you some affordable alternatives to look at instead.

What makes the 2014 Ram 2500 a terrible used car purchase?

A blue 2014 Ram 2500 Heavy-Duty truck parked facing away from the camera during dusk
The 2014 Ram 2500 on display | Stellantis

Pre-owned vehicles have an inherent risk attached to them. These models already have (sometimes significant) miles on the odometer. Plus, you never know how well the previous owner maintained it.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy a used car. Instead, you should just ensure you purchase a model that’s known for its reliability.

It’s impossible to judge dependability by taking a test drive. That’s why you should turn to experts who collect data to evaluate a particular model’s reliability score.

After gathering real owners’ feedback, Consumer Reports put the 2014 Ram 2500 on its ‘Used Cars to Avoid Buying’ list.

Unfortunately, this particular model made the list almost entirely due to its questionable reliability rating.

Why is the 2014 Ram 2500 an unreliable truck?

A forward-facing photo looking at the grille of a silver 2014 Ram 2500 Heavy-Duty truck
The 2014 Ram 2500’s bold grille | Stellantis

You’d never hire someone who doesn’t show up to work on time every day. So, don’t buy a truck that’s unreliable either.

Consumer Reports’ data analyzes 17 potential trouble spots that may plague vehicles. The 2014 Ram 2500 astonishingly has issues in practically every category.

The publication gave the Ram 2500 a 4% reliability rating, making the heavy-duty truck the most unreliable model in its class.

Some trouble spots are more severe than others. However, you shouldn’t bet on these issues going unnoticed. It’s part of the reason why this generation of the Ram 2500 (2013-2018) is among the most complained about trucks.

The infamous death wobble is the 2014 Ram 2500’s most significant issue. This malfunction causes the truck to shake violently, making it difficult to maintain control of the vehicle.

Several Consumer Reports reviewers wrote complaints that matched this description. One 2014 Ram 2500 Laramie owner stated, “Steering support became loose and caused severe front end vibration and lack of response to steering wheel movement.”

Other serious areas of concern include the truck’s fuel system, engine, drive system, and transmission.

Here’s what you should buy instead of this used Ram truck


Only 1 Truck Got the Top Safety Pick Label in 2020, But There’s a Catch

You’re not going to want to take a risk on a pickup with this many problems. Thankfully, there are much more reliable used truck options on the market.

Consumer Reports gave the 2014 Toyota Tundra an 87% reliability rating. Plus, it comes with a 5.7-liter V8 that kicks out 381 hp – practically on par with the 2014 Ram 2500’s powerful engine.

And while Toyota trucks hold their value well, you shouldn’t experience sticker shock when shopping for this model. Consumer Reports states that the 2014 Tundra has an average resale price between $15,300-$29,875. You’d likely have to pay even more for a 2014 Ram 2500, which can cost between $15,800-$33,225.

Avoid expensive repairs – and save a little money upfront – by choosing a more reliable used truck than this Ram 2500.