Auto Sales Scorecard: Here Are the Companies Dominating 2014 So Far

Three-quarters of the 2014 calendar year has passed, which means for automakers — and businesses of all kinds, really — the homestretch has arrived. Ahead of the holidays, automakers will be pulling out the stops to lift volume to ensure a sturdy foothold on which to stand and fight off their rivals. With the burgeoning automotive market, many automakers are eying 10 million in global vehicle sales, notably Toyota (which surpassed the mark in 2013 and is on pace to do so again this year), Volkswagen, and General Motors.

With three more months of selling in 2014, new products will have less of an effect on sales at this point in the year. It will largely come down to incentives and offers to help automakers make meaningful volume gains before the year is through. Now that it’s earnings season, the results for the year so far are now trickling in.

We’ve put together this little scorecard to help put into perspective how the major automakers are faring, as well as which companies are leading. Check out where your favorite stacks up after the jump.

Source: Toyota


Global deliveries for Toyota, currently the world’s largest automaker, reached 7.6 million vehicles through September, including sales from the company’s Hino Motors and Daihatsu Motor Co. heavy truck divisions. That’s a gain of 3% year-on-year and leaves it about 200,000 units mpre than Volkswagen Group. September alone saw Toyota’s sales surge by 6%, thanks to a 26% spike in sales for its RAV4 SUV.

Source: Volkswagen


At 7.4 million units sold, the Volkswagen family — which encompasses everything from Skoda to Audi, VW to Porsche, and Scania to Lamborghini — is a breath behind Toyota on the global scale. That’s still good for a 5.3% increase over the same period in 2013, and the company delivered roughly 881,000 units around the world during the month of September. Interestingly, Volkswagen has been able to take advantage of Toyota’s weakness, and vice versa: VW is exceptionally strong in China, where Toyota falters, while Toyota dominates the North American market, where Volkswagen has been struggling.

Source: General Motors

General Motors

Sales for General Motors didn’t quite live up to the 5% to 6% bursts seen at Toyota and Volkswagen, instead landing a 2% gain year-over-year at 7.37 million vehicles sold since January. More impressive still, the company was able to put up those numbers will recalling more than 30 million vehicles, mostly in the United States, where GM just had itself a blowout third quarter that handily surpassed analysts’ expectations.

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