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While this may seem like something out of a ‘70s action flick, this real-life drug smuggling operation happened. Australian authorities found $100 million worth of various drugs stashed inside a 1962 Bentley S2. How could you even fit that much in a car? I guess Bentleys are pretty big. 

NSW Police arrest suspects in front of smuggler Bentley
NSW Police arrest suspects on drugs smuggling charges | NSW Police

$100M worth of drugs decided to get fancy 

Drug smugglers work all over the world. However, drug smugglers in Australia have it a bit harder than the other crims around the world. Given Australia’s remote location, there are a very limited number of ways to export and import elicit substances to or from the Island. 

However, with struggle comes demand, and with demand, value. Because running drugs is so hard down under, the prices are inflated compared to prices elsewhere. This is how one measly Bentley could hold $100 million in narcotics. 

How do you smuggle $100 million worth of drugs in a Bentley S2? 

Secret compartment behind the headlight
Secret compartment behind the headlight | NSW Police

As we mentioned, it helps when drugs go for a premium, but even still, this Bentley held an enormous amount of party supplies. The cargo container holding the Bentley came from Canada and landed at Port Botany in New South Wales, according to The Drive.

According to the NSW Police, they intercepted the container “acting on intelligence,” which “underwent an X-ray and examination, which identified anomalies.” 

The local authorities went on to say, “Further examinations of the Bentley revealed a large quantity of methylamphetamine concealed behind the headlights of the vehicle.” After this first discovery, the police began dismantling the poor Bentley mule and found a collection of drugs so great that Scarface might stammer. What does $100 million worth of drugs look like, you ask? Well, the Bentley had 355 pounds of methamphetamine and 132 pounds of cocaine hidden within the vehicle.

The authorities showed photos of the drugs behind the headlight but left out where they found the rest of the hidden contents. 

What happened to the Bentley?

Piles of drugs recovered from the smuggler's Bentley
Drugs from the Bentley | NSW Police

The Australian police cleverly put the Bentley back together, sans drugs, and allowed it to finish its journey and be delivered. Of course, the police tracked the car and noted who picked it up. Task Force Chime then carried out the sting and raided the Bentley’s destination. 

Photos from the raid show a suspect in cuffs with their face blurred out sitting on the tire he had removed from the Bentley, surely looking for his loot. This suggests that meth or cocaine may have also been hidden in the car’s wheel well, fender flares, and likely elsewhere throughout the car. 

The authorities arrested the suspects and seized the Bentley and a Ford Focus. So far, two men, 22 and 23, have been arrested with no bail offered. 

While it is a huge accomplishment keeping this many drugs off the street, the real win is getting the Bentley somewhere safe and calm so it can live out its classy golden years in peace. 


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