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Tiffany Ratliff

Tiffany Ratliff is a former member of the Endgame360 team. She earned her bachelor’s in English from Eastern Kentucky University, two master’s degrees in English and Digital Strategy from Arizona State University, and is HubSpot certified in Inbound Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Tiffany grew up helping her dad as he tore apart engines and transmissions to rebuild old trucks, and worked in car and motorcycle sales for about 10 years; roughly eight of which she also worked as an editor. She also had a stint working for the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Company building engines for the Camry and getting behind-the-scenes looks at other models in the pipeline.

Tiffany isn’t a one-trick editor, though, as she also has extensive personal and semi-professional entertainment experience. She’s been a self-proclaimed theater junkie all of her life, and was accepted into the Governor’s School for the Arts to study acting in Kentucky. She was proudly the first person accepted to the school from the eastern part of the state.

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