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Tegan Watson

Tegan is a contributing writer for MotorBiscuit. She went to school for film and creative writing, and loves exploring different methods of storytelling. When she isn’t writing web content, she’s working on illustrating her first full-length graphic novel

The Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport at the Los Angeles Auto Show
Crossover & Midsize

How Reliable Is the Volkswagen Atlas?

Although it’s a newer vehicle, the Volkswagen Atlas isn’t holding up very well to the reliability surveys conducted by Consumer Reports. In fact, it has the lowest overall reliability score possible. But what exactly is the problem — and does the Atlas have any redeeming qualities? Official reliability rating  According to Consumer Reports, the projected …

The Stig from Top Gear UK
Tips, Tricks & Trends

Where Can You Watch Top Gear Online?

With over 25 seasons under its belt, Top Gear is one of the most iconic auto enthusiast shows on television. Although it’s gone through numerous transitions, had multiple sets of hosts, and gotten a few spinoffs, Top Gear as a franchise remains popular—it has a worldwide audience of about 350 million people. If you’re one …

2019 Nissan GT-R

2020 Nissan GT-R: Why It’s Faster Than Ever

Despite having the exact same power and torque as the 2019 model, the 2020 Nissan GT-R has demonstrated significant improvements in speed. But how exactly has it managed to get so fast? According to Engineering Explained, the changes that have made the biggest impact on this car are the new turbochargers, weight reduction, and improved …


How Much Gas Does It Waste to Let Your Car Idle?

If you’re a frequent city driver who often encounters heavy traffic and stop lights, you may wonder whether it is more fuel-efficient to let your car idle or to shut it off. In fact, a Journal of Energy Policy study cited by Engineering Explained found that almost every single American they questioned would drastically overestimate …

Checking your car oil

Do Oil Catch Cans Work?

Oil catch cans do not come standard when you purchase a car, but they can offer some great benefits. This video by Engineering Explained takes a look at what exactly oil catch cans do, and whether or not it’s worth it to install one. What an Oil Catch Can Does These small devices are installed …

Tesla Sets Authorized Service Centers In China
Hybrids & Electrics

Tesla Wheel Damage: How to Avoid It

No one ever wants to damage their wheels, but this is especially true if you have expensive Tesla wheels. As reported by Engineering Explained, original equipment wheels for the Tesla Model 3 cost $340 per tire and $710 per wheel, making them incredibly expensive to replace in the event of even minor damage. This video …