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Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson is a contributing writer for Endgame360, focusing primarily on content for Showbiz Cheat Sheet and MotorBiscuit. She has an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree from Umpqua Community College.

Rachel is a long-time gearhead. Growing up, she helped her dad rebuild muscle cars and Jeeps, and they always had some project in the garage throughout her childhood. She’s worked on Mustangs, Dusters, Chargers, and every Jeep you can think of. She owns two Jeeps and her 1994 XJ off-road toy is currently being rebuilt. She’d also give almost anything to drive a purple Lamborghini.

When she’s not thinking about muscle cars or off-roading, Rachel likes to take long road trips. She usually takes at least a couple trips a year, often driving from Oklahoma to Oregon, as well as Oklahoma to Utah, Colorado, or Arizona. Driving settles her soul. Rachel also loves a good action flick and can’t get enough of Marvel. She’s pretty sure she’s seen Jurassic Park 47 million times.

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