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Julie Rhoads

Julie Rhoads began as a contributing in 2020. She writes mostly for Sportscasting, but occasionally contributes to MotorBiscuit as well. She is an avid sports fan, a passion that began with playing basketball as a kid, and playing soccer for her whole life (she still keeps up with the U.S. National Team and the Premier League.)

Julie credits her extensive knowledge about “useless” trivia facts for helping her tremendously in writing about sports, music, and entertainment: She watched Sportscenter every morning as a kid to pick up stats no one else remembers. Combine that with reading every pop culture magazine and watching VH1’s Behind the Music, and Julie has cemented a load of information in her mind that contributes to her writing here.

On the Showbiz side of things, Julie is a particular fan of the Real Housewives franchise, and keeping up with the latest Netflix and Hulu trends. She’s also known to take on a few topics related to ’90s TV. In addition to reading and cooking, her family and parade of animals (dog, cats, ducks) keep her busy.

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