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Joe Parker

Joe Parker is an expert in new cars, trucks, and SUVs — particularly their driving dynamics, features, and real-world pragmaticism — gleaning his first-hand perspectives through his testing and reviewing of hundreds of new models since 2018. Interested in piloting anything with four wheels, from the mainstream to supercars, Joe is a lover of hot hatches and any other model that can be a practical family hauler while still serving up driving thrills. He describes himself as a “mostly average” track day racer and iRacing participant. A recipient of over 20 awards from several state and national journalism associations, Joe is a member of the Greater Atlanta Automotive Media Association (GAAMA) and the Southeast Region Automotive Media Association (SERAMA). He joined MotorBiscuit as a contributing writer in 2023.

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A blue Rivian R1S charging outside at the sunset in front of some mountains.
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How Popular Is the Rivian R1S?

The Rivian R1S has shown greater potential for success than some of its fellow fledging all-electric automakers. However, its many features and headlines haven’t yet translated to sales success.
The black 2024 Mini Clubman in front of a building with green grass next to it.

How Much Does a Fully Loaded 2024 Mini Clubman Cost?

Consider the MINI Cooper Clubman, the slightly larger and more sophisticated version of the venerable MINI Cooper. The Clubman retains the charm of its smaller sibling while serving as a more practical commuter or hauler of small families. So, how much can compact car shoppers expect to pay for a Clubman at its base level …