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Deb Austin

Deb Austin is a contributing writer for MotorBiscuit.

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2018 Dodge Durango

What Features Come Standard on the Dodge Durango?

The rugged-looking 2020 Dodge Durango certainly looks like a classic sports utility vehicle. However, its SUV credentials hide the smooth ride, ease of handling, and spacious, efficient interior. The Durango line-up offers the comfort of a car with the heavy-duty abilities of a truck. Additionally, the Durango’s towing capacity makes it the perfect family vehicle for …
The grille of a GMC vehicle parked in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Did GMC Really Used to Build Electric Trucks?

Think electric vehicles are some new innovation? Well, think again. The truth is that in 1832, the first electric car was developed. These cars were not the luxury vehicles we think of today. However, innovators in the United States, as well as in Hungary and the Netherlands, were developing electric cars in the late 19th …
E-ZPass transponders work by passing radio frequencies to toll plazas, but they must be mounted to your car's windshield like this one

How Does E-ZPass Work and When Was It Invented?

The days of digging for coins in the cup holder to pay a road toll are over; that is if you have an E-ZPass transponder attached to your car. People who commute to work or frequently travel on toll roads know, E-ZPass is a real time saver. The technology behind the devices is widely used in many …