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2019 Toyota Prius Limited

These Are the Most-Driven Passenger Cars in the U.S.

The average American drives more than 13,000 miles each year commuting, traveling, and adventuring. Decade-old vehicles, however, hold an average of 11,987 miles per year. But some cars are better designed for longevity and reliability than others and are driven for many more miles than the average. The people at iSeeCars.com analyzed more than 2.3 …

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Audi Kills the A3 Convertible that No One Bought

Nothing gives you that fun, summer vibe quite like a ride in a convertible. Quick, fun, and freeing, there’s nothing like riding with the top down on warm, summer days. But for many convertible and Audi fans everywhere, this summer comes with a shocking disappointment. According to recently-released information from automaker Audi, there will be …

2020 Ford F-150
Trucks & SUVs

The Ford F-150 Comes with a $6,500 Discount for August

Ford has been making some of the best-selling pickup trucks for decades. Known for its iconic and reliable trucks, Ford has had more and more growing competition in recent years. But with no chance of the automaker backing down now, Ford is offering some of the best savings it’s ever had on its entire F-150 …

BMW 540i
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An Electric BMW 5 Series Will Be Here Before We Know It

Automaker BMW just recently announced that a long-awaited redesigned 5 Series will be hitting the dealership lots sooner than expected. And as if BMW lovers everywhere aren’t anxious enough, BMW’s ambitious goals for the 5 Series and beyond will help put them on the forefront of environmental consciousness, performance, technology, and reliability. Moving towards the …

A red Corvette rounds a turn on a mountain pass.

Here’s How Chevrolet Kept the Price of the Mid-Engine Corvette Under $60,000

The car community was waiting on pins and needles for the recent reveal of Chevrolet’s new Corvette. While most were expecting the quality and features that Chevy delivered, the Corvette‘s price tag sent Corvette fans everywhere reeling. Instead of the outrageous price you’d expect from a mid-engine supercar, Chevrolet unveiled an impressive, barely believable, starting …

Santa Cruz Crossover Truck Concept
Automotive News

Hyundai Confirms Santa Cruz Pickup Truck Coming Soon

The South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai has been working on a new type of crossover vehicle for more than five years and many have been wondering if the concept pickup truck will ever hit U.S. shores. But Hyundai is determined to deliver as promised, and recently, reassured all of us that the long-awaited arrival of …

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Cadillac’s New V Cars Rumored to Save the Manuals

At the 2019 Belle Island Grand Prix in Detroit, General Motors unveiled a duo of high-performing sedans that will be welcomed into Cadillac‘s V-Series family. And while there were many things about the pair that turned heads, what the newest members of the V-Series could preserve is what’s getting people the most excited. For years …