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A Jeep Renegade 4x4 e is presented at the Geneva Motor Show
Crossover & Midsize

You Need to Avoid the Jeep Renegade

Introduced in 2015, the Jeep Renegade looks to capitalize on the legendary Jeep brand of off-road capable vehicles. Smaller than a Jeep Cherokee but larger than a Jeep Wrangler, the Renegade aims to fill that gap in an attempt to capture buyers that cannot decide between the two. Unfortunately, Jeep’s troubles have followed the Renegade …

Jeep Wrangler parked on a mountain top after adventuring all day

Jeep Finally Has a Fix for the Wrangler Death Wobble

There is little doubt that when it comes to midsize SUVs everyone has heard of the Jeep Wrangler. The Wrangler has been around in one form or another for decades and despite an ever-increasing price tag, it remains a popular choice. One reason for its popularity is Jeep Wrangler’s reputation for offroad capability. Being named …

gear shift

This is How a Manual Transmission Works

Have you ever been car shopping and found the perfect car, only to find out it has a manual transmission? It seems that the majority of people in the United States do not know how to drive a stick shift these days. Honestly, if you’ve never had anyone take the time to teach you to drive a car with …