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Andrew Doxy

Andrew Doxy brings well-rounded expertise to the contributor content on all three of our Endgame360 sites. He joined the team in 2019 and works the most with content on MotorBiscuit, though he contributes to Showbiz Cheat Sheet and Sportscasting as well. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Communication from Florida Gulf Coast University.

Andrew’s knowledge of the automotive industry started with cleaning cars for Enterprise as a way to earn some cash in college, but he’s been working professionally around cars ever since, including writing copy for car dealerships across the country. As a result, much of his work centers on the consumer advice he knows buyers are interested in.

Andrew is a lifelong fan of anime and is passionate about not only the shows, but also the process that goes into creating animation at such a high level. His personal interests in anime, gaming, and comic books put him at the forefront of Showbiz’s efforts to establish expert-level content for readers interested in those topics.

Some of Andrew’s proudest career highlights come from the sports arena: He started covering the NBA in high school by starting a blog with three classmates, which he parlayed into a long-term side gig. He was offered a job (without applying!) at CelticsBlog (a SB Nation property), where he continues to author content as part of the news desk. He also earned some early experience at the now-defunct Hoops Inquirer, where he rose quickly to become a Senior Editor despite being in high school at the time.

Read Andrew’s personal musings (mostly on anime and manga) on his own website, and more of his previous work on Muck Rack.