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Allison Barfield

Allison Barfield joined MotorBiscuit in 2020 and covers all things trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps. Having grown up on a farm in Rock Hill, South Carolina, she’s no stranger to the “Best in Class” truck and SUV debates; people in her hometown were always gathering to help work on vehicles together, and deliberation would naturally arise.

Allison graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Media Arts. She has helped bring awareness to issues Women In Trucking face and has promoted Truckers Against Trafficking, an anti-trafficking NGO.

A fan of creatively dark literature, Allison appreciates the works of Shirley Jackson and Emily Dickenson. She lives in a mountainous area of the country and enjoys off-roading and camping. Her dog, Bruce, often joins her in testing trucks and SUVs for our site.

Allison has made many editorial contributions in the last four years, including guest appearances on Big Rig Banter and She has created content for ExpressTruckTax, TruckLogics, Aeroflow Healthcare, and Camping for Women.

Posts From Author
2019 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk
Trucks & SUVs

The Jeep Renegade Is More Capable Than You Think

Would you look at the Jeep Renegade? With its cute little round Jeep headlights and grille? This compact SUV is adorable. But what good is adorable for a fierce brand like Jeep? Because Jeep Renegades are on Fiat bodies, they often don’t receive much respect. However, they’re still Jeeps. So, despite it looks, can the …
A black Chevy Equinox on display at an auto show
Trucks & SUVs

Did You Know The Chevy Equinox Is Award-Winning?

The 2020 Chevy Equinox is receiving a vast amount of awards. It’s a Top Safety Pick, and it received 4.1/5stars on Kelly Blue Book and more. But why? What makes this compact SUV so great?  What People Love About The Chevy Equinox  One clue as to why people love the Chevy Equinox includes its price. …
GMC Sierra
Trucks & SUVs

This Average GMC Truck May Surprise You

The 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 starts at a competitive price compared to the Ford F-150 and Ram 1500, but can it compete with them in terms of off-roading capabilities? Let’s see what savings you get with the 2020 Sierra. 2020 GMC Sierra Power & Specs  If you want a truck for around $30k, then it’s …
The 2020 Nissan Rogue on display at Automobility LA

Why You Shouldn’t Pass On The Nissan Rogue

Are you ready to give off the main trail? Are you ready to go, Rogue? Well, there’s a Nissan for that. The Nissan Rogue might be the SUV to take you on some wild adventures. Let’s see if it has the power and capabilities to outperform other options such as the RAV4, Honda CR-V, or …
Ford Edge driving down country road
Trucks & SUVs

Should You Consider Buying The Ford Edge?

If you’re shopping for a compact SUV, you have tons of options to consider. There’s the Honda CR-V, RAV4, Kia Sorento, Jeep Renegade, and more. But where does the Ford Edge fit into the lineup? This has been a favorite SUV for years, so does the 2020 model maintain what drivers and passengers love about …
2021 Trailblazer parked on city street
Trucks & SUVs

The Incredible Evolution Of The Chevy Blazer

Now that the Chevy Blazer is back with a curvey body and modern tech, we have to wonder, what happened to it? From being a military vehicle, a popular SUV, discontinued, and back again, the Chevy Blazer has had quite the history. The Chevy Blazer’s Incredible History  The Chevy Blazer was first introduced in 1966 …
2021 Kia Sorento parked outside building
Trucks & SUVs

Does The Kia Sorento Compare To Other Favorited SUVs?

In a world where the market is saturated with SUVs, how does the Kia Sorento compare? As sedans are becoming less and less popular, compact to mid-sized SUVs are on the rise. It’s hard to keep up with which models are worth purchasing or not. So, let’s check out the Kia Sorento to see if …
A blue 2020 Nissan Kicks parked in front of a nice home.
Trucks & SUVs

What People Like And Dislike About The Nissan Kicks

What exactly does the 2020 Nissan Kicks ‘kick’? Does it kick the dust as a sporty SUV, does it kick the bucket as a car you should never buy, or does it kick around town as something that’s super fun to drive? Well, that’s what we’re here to figure out by investigating both what people …
Honda Element
Trucks & SUVs

What Happened To The Honda Element?

The current auto trends involve bringing back old school models such as the Bronco, Wagoneer, Xterra, Blazer, and more. So, where is the Honda Element? Actually, it may not be far behind. Rumors suggest 2020 Honda Element is coming back to hit the streets and fill off-roading adventures with a bang. A new Honda Element …
2020 Nissan TITAN PRO-4X pickup truck parked on sandy road
Trucks & SUVs

Consider The Nissan Titan Pro 4x For Off-Roading

In a world of big off-roading trucks like the Ford Raptor or Dodge Rebel, where does Nissan fit? Can they compete? Yes, they can, with the Nissan Titan Pro 4X. This big bad truck should have other ones shaking in their rims.  The Off-Roading Oriented Nissan Titan Pro 4X The Pro 4X is a Nissan …
A Nissan Frontier climbing over a dirt hill.
Trucks & SUVs

Expect The 2020 Nissan Frontier to Have Incredible Upgrades

We’re starting to get a little deeper into the new year and on our way to bigger and better things even though smaller trucks and SUVs are trending among automakers. The Nissan Frontier is among the group of smaller vehicles, so where is the 2020 model? We’re ready to check it out already.  What To …