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Volkswagen Golf Hatchback on display at auto show

Why is the Volkswagen Golf so Popular?

The Volkswagen Golf is one incredibly popular compact car with great ratings and great reviews. So, were here on the case to discover what’s exactly so great about the 2020 VW Golf? Buckle up to check out this wild ride.  Is the Volkswagen Golf a Good Car?  You can get started in the Volkswagen Golf …

2019 Toyota Hilux Pickup parked in the desert
Trucks & SUVs

Why is the Toyota Hilux Banned in the US?

Remember the Toyota Hilux? The indestructible truck from the 90s before the Toyota Tacoma made its debut? With so many legendary titles being revived in the United States, the Toyota Hilux could also come back.  What Happened to the Toyota Hilux?  The Toyota Hilux was first introduced in 1968 as a compact truck that could …

2019 Nissan TITAN Pro4X parked on a rock
Trucks & SUVs

Why Nobody Wants the Nissan Titan

We have conflicting information. Even though people swear by the Nissan Titan and proclaim their love for that big, beastly truck, no one is buying it. How can it be so great if no one is buying it? Meanwhile, the Ford F-150 is continuously ripped on and is the best selling truck in the world? …