Audi’s Fastest R8 Ever Hits the LA Auto Show

Source: Audi

The world’s supercar builders have been put on notice: Audi is not going to be pulling any punches. The proof is in the pudding with the arrival of the R8 Competition to the L.A. Auto Show, although the original announcement came several weeks prior. The Competition variant of the R8 has some astounding performance stats attached to it, including a 3.2-second zero to 60 time and a top overall speed of 199 miles per hour. Add 570 horsepower into the mix, and Audi has built a venerable rocket ship on wheels.

For potential buyers, there’s only one drawback: It will be limited to only 60 production units.

“The limited-edition Audi R8 competition is the closest road car to our R8 LMS ultra race car that has won virtually every race around the world,” said Scott Keogh, president of Audi America. “It is designed for the driving enthusiast and we’re excited to bring 60 units as a limited edition to the U.S.”

Audi R8 Competition
Source: Justin Lloyd-Miller/Autos Cheat Sheet


So what’s it got under the hood? Performance car enthusiasts will be stoked to see a 5.2-liter V10 coupled with a seven-speed S tronic transmission. Again, that will kick out 570 horses, making this the fastest and most powerful Audi vehicle ever produced. There are several other R8 variants already wreaking havoc on roads across the world, including the traditional V8-outfitted model and a couple of higher trims loaded up with a V10. Along with the increased power and speed capabilities, the Competition model will also come with many additional options for drivers to personalize their vehicles.

“The R8 competition is an Audi exclusive line vehicle, which allows the driver to pair a variety of interior and exterior colors and choose from a selection of wheel finishes for a striking look designed to meet driver needs and tastes,” Audi says.

Source: Audi

The announcement and reveal of Audi’s new supercar may come with a bit of a bittersweet taste to it, as the Competition may in fact be the R8’s last hurrah. Since it was introduced in 2006, the R8 has, without a doubt, been a welcome and popular addition to the world of sports cars. But, as MarketWatch reports, Audi may be ready to move on — this, in spite of 45 consecutive months of record sales.

So what else does Audi have up its sleeve, exactly? Could we be on the brink of a next-gen R8 or maybe a new model altogether? It does seem that Audi is developing some serious design and engineer chops, enough so to compete with the Ferraris and Aston Martins of the world. Whatever the company has in the pipeline, it’s sure to be exciting.

The final details of the R8 Competition are still under wraps at this time, including the price. The current top-level R8, the V10 Plus, sells for more than $180,000. That means that this model may actually come in at around $200,000. But with a slew of new features and details — including carbon fiber fixtures, sports exhaust, high-performance ceramic brakes, and more — that price may not be too much to exclude America’s car buffs who have some cash to burn.