Audi to Compete with Tesla’s Self-Driving Feature

Audi is lagging behind some other automakers when it comes to electrifying its lineup. But just because we haven’t seen many new electric vehicles from the German automaker doesn’t mean it isn’t working on some awesome new tech. Audi’s luxurious automobiles usually incorporate the latest technology and perform well. Now the company is looking to compete with the Tesla self-driving feature.

Why the automotive industry needs Audi’s self-driving feature

A silver Audi concept flying car.
Audi concept flying car | Fabrice Coffrini/AFP via Getty Images

Tesla has made headlines for years with the development of its Full Self-Driving feature. The feature was intended to be the future of driving by allowing Tesla models to be completely autonomous. As expected, this goal has presented some unique challenges.

Everything from accidents to drivers falling asleep as their Tesla evades authorities has occurred because of Full Self-Driving. The technology is imperfect, but the Palo Alto-based company has done its best to make the feature appealing even to the biggest skeptics among us. What other brand lets you play videogames while your car drives itself?

Tesla has the advantage of being the automaker at the forefront of this technology, but that comes with heavy criticism from all angles. Tesla has been accused of misleading consumers by falsely advertising the Full Self-Driving feature’s true capabilities. Can seasoned automaker Audi show the new kid on the block how to get self-driving right?

Audi’s autonomous vehicles will focus on safety

The Audi E-Tron.
The Audi E-Tron | Wu Kai/VCG via Getty Images

Even if you’ve never seen Terminator, iRobot, or virtually any movie where humans rely on advanced technology, you know not to trust machines. As advanced as Tesla’s Full Self-Driving feature is, it doesn’t drive as well as a careful human. Autonomous vehicles have come a long way, but they are still not safe enough to be dominating our roads anytime soon.

According to CarBuzz, Audi is focusing heavily on making autonomous vehicles safe. Audi has partnered with other companies to form a group to bring safe autonomous vehicles to the marketplace. The stakes are high, but Audi has reached out for help rather than taking on the monumental task by itself like Tesla.

The automotive industry needs automakers like Audi devoting time and resources to this technology because getting self-driving right could save lives. Unlike Tesla, Audi has a parent company in Volkswagen, and its tech advancements will carry over to Porsche and Volkswagen at the very least. Tesla has some competition in the autonomous vehicle space, which is great for consumers that are considering self-driving vehicles but having reservations.

Will Audi have a better self-driving system than Tesla?

The interior of a Tesla Model 3.
Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

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Tesla has had more time to troubleshoot issues and develop its self-driving software. It has released many versions and is constantly making updates. Tesla’s Full Self-Driving system isn’t where it needs to be, but Tesla seemingly holds a monopoly on autonomous vehicles.

Audi has the potential to create better autonomous vehicle software as a more seasoned automaker. The company is also partnering with others, and Volkswagen is depending on Audi’s success in this new department. There’s no telling whether Audi will ultimately create a better self-driving system or not, but the pressure is on, and there’s no turning back.