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Another day, another recall. Today, however, it’s the Audi Q7 that’s being recalled. Unfortunately for Audi Q7 owners, the recall concerns the SUV’s interior padding. According to recall documents, there’s simply not enough padding in the right spots. 

2021 Audi Q7 in front of mountains
2021 Audi Q7 | Audi

Why Audi and the NHTSA are recalling the Audi Q7

According to Consumer Reports, Audi is recalling approximately 94,144 Q7 SUV. The issue is that the pillar located behind the rear door opening may not have enough interior padding. That lack of padding means the Q7 may not be able to protect an occupant’s head during a crash like it’s supposed to.

Per documents from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), this issue puts unbelted passengers at an increased risk of head injury if their head strikes a rear pillar during a crash. Audi, however, disagrees. The automaker has since explained that because the Q7 is equipped with curtain airbags, it would adequately protect passengers in a crash. Either way though, this isn’t great news for Q7 owners.

How many vehicles are included in the recall?

There are 94,144 Audi Q7 models included in the recall. However, according to NHTSA documents, only vehicles built between July 2017 and April 2020 are affected. That number equates to about 10% of Q7 models built during that period.

The issue was discovered during routine compliance testing, an Audi spokesperson explained to Consumer Reports. During testing, Audi found that the interior padding on the C-pillar of certain Q7 models failed to meet federal safety standards.

According to Audi, interior padding manufactured after April 2020 does meet federal safety standards. The supplier responsible for manufacturing the part has also improved its quality and production monitoring processes to avoid similar cases in the future.

Here’s what the next steps for Q7 owners look like

Fortunately for owners of the Audi Q7, some models were fixed before leaving the factory or the port. Audi says it will be in touch if your vehicle hasn’t been fixed yet. Fortunately, the fix will be free of charge. Owners can also call Audi customer service at 1-800-253-2834.

It’s a good idea to check in with the NHTSA website too. Plug your Q7’s vehicle identification number into the NHTSA’s website, and according to Consumer Reports, if this recall doesn’t appear, it likely means your Q7 isn’t included in the recall.

Does this mean you should avoid the Audi Q7?

As frustrating as it might be to have your vehicle or a vehicle that you’re contemplating buying recalled, these things do happen. A recall shouldn’t necessarily stop you from buying a certain vehicle either. And when it comes to the Audi Q7, it’s really not that bad of an SUV.

If you do own a Q7 or plan to purchase one in the near future, make sure that this particular recall is taken care of. There’s nothing worse than forgoing an easy recall fix and then having to deal with the consequences down the road. Especially when the fix is available free of charge.


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