Audi Recalls 30,000 Q7 SUVs Over Airbags That Can Injure Children

The Audi Q7 is one of the brand’s most expensive and largest SUVs available. However, it seems Audi found a flaw with its full-size SUV during recent testing. According to Car Complaints, the German carmaker recalls nearly 30,000 examples due to airbags that can harm young children.

Thankfully, this recall doesn’t come as a result of any injuries. Instead, the carmaker stumbled upon the issue while performing some routine crash testing. However, there is one very good reason why you shouldn’t worry if you have one of these SUVs.

What is wrong with the Audi Q7?

As stated above, the Audi Q7 has issues with its front airbags. According to Car Complaints, this issue affects around 30,000 2020-2021 Q7s. In short, this recall only affects the post-facelift SUVs. As a result, if you have one of the earlier examples, there’s nothing to worry about.

Car Complaints reports that this Audi Q7 issue surrounds the two-stage firing system that the airbags use. In short, the second stage fires too quickly behind the initial one. While this is no big deal for adults and older children, it seems to have the potential to harm young children.

Audi stumbled upon this issue while performing a test with a dummy that represents a six-year-old child. Additionally, this particular crash test requires the child not to have a seat belt to determine how the airbags perform. As a result of the test, the crash test dummy suffered neck injuries. However, there is one very good reason why you shouldn’t worry about this.

If you’re a parent, don’t panic

Audi Q7 luxury SUV on display at Brussels Expo
The Audi Q7 | Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

If you’ve got an Audi Q7 and young children, you shouldn’t panic just yet. Given the age range that the crash test dummy represents, this injury scenario is improbable in the real world. According to the CDC, all children 12 years old and younger should sit in the rear seats. Additionally, the CDC recommends that children within this age range still have either a car seat or a booster seat. As of writing, no issues surround the SUV’s rear airbags.

Regardless of where your child is sitting in your Audi Q7, the German carmaker will rectify the issue. According to Car Complaints, the recall officially goes into effect on April 16th, 2021. If you own one of the affected models, your dealership will contact you to schedule an appointment. This involves having a technician replace the entire front airbag unit with a brand-new one.

Is the Q7 a good SUV?

An Audi Q7 60 TFSIe Quattro is seen during the Vienna Car Show press preview at Messe Wien, as part of Vienna Holiday Fair
The Audi Q7 | Manfred Schmid/Getty Images

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Recalls aside, there are plenty of reasons to like the Audi Q7. According to Consumer Reports, the luxury SUV aced its road test, excelling in the driving experience, comfort, noise, transmission, and acceleration categories. As a result, this large Audi would make an excellent daily driver.

While previous generations have struggled with reliability, the model has improved significantly in recent years. While its predicted reliability score is less-than-ideal, it excels in the predicted owner satisfaction category.