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If you drive an A7 or A8 model luxury sedan from 2014 to 2017, your vehicle could be subject to a recent Audi recall. Have you noticed your vehicle driving differently, sluggishly, or lacking power? The reason for this could be in the latest recall issued.

Why are Audis being recalled?

Audi S8 at Detroit Auto Show in 2013
2014 Audi S8 | Steve Russell/Getty Images

The Audi recall for several sedan models from 2014 to 2017 stems from a clogged oil strainer. According to the Road Show page of, this latest recall impacts Audi A8, S6, S7, S8, and RS7 models from the model years listed. This recall affects 26,053 models of these luxury sedans.

What happens with the oil strainer is clogged?

Turbocharger Oil Strainer
Turbocharger Oil Strainer | AliExpress

If the oil strainer clogs, the turbocharger doesn’t receive oil, and it can seize. This could lead to a broken shaft or stalled engine and increase the chances of an accident on the road.

What should you do about this Audi recall?


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If you own one of the vehicles in question, you should use the free NHTSA VIN lookup tool to determine if your vehicle is one of the impacted models. If so, Audi will fix the issue by cleaning the strainer and changing the oil at no cost to you.

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