Audi Extends New Car Warranty For Owners

Many parts of the world have been suffering due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, an extremely contagious and potentially fatal disease that has caused many countries to shut down all non-essential businesses. In some areas, Audi owners have not been able to take their cars into the dealership for servicing, maintenance, or recall servicing.

When purchasing a brand new Audi, one of the major benefits is the dealership’s new-car warranty and the availability of the extended warranty. It gives many owners peace of mind and allows them to rest assured that their car will be taken care of if something goes wrong, without cutting a hole in their wallet.

Because of the recent inability of many consumers to take their cars to the dealership, Audi has decided that they will be extending their new car warranty as well as their optional extended warranty for their customers. This show of good faith is appreciated by many Audi customers, but there are some restrictions as well.

2018 Audi TT RS Coupe

Warranty details

For one, the warranty extensions are available regardless of your location and are not limited to the UK or North America. It covers cars that were produced in Europe, Mexico, Brazil, and India, which is a significant portion of the production facilities for Audi.

The caveat here is that the extension only applies if your Audi warranty was already scheduled to expire during the majority of the global shutdown, so that means anytime between March 1st and May 31st of this year.

The newly extended warranty offered by Audi gives the consumer an additional three months of their warranty. This means that if your warranty, either new or extended, ended within that time, you receive an additional three months of warranty from the date your warranty was scheduled to expire.

2017 Audi R8 V8 Spider

Additional restrictions

One downside of this extension, which Audi has made clear is of their own choice and not mandated by any legal body, is that the extension is still restricted by the original mileage. This is important because there are typically two factors that end a warranty. The first, being time, is the set amount of time you will have from the original purchase date. If there is an extended warranty, that typically begins at the end of the new-car period and is also purchased for a specific number of years.

The second factor that can cause an early expiration is mileage. If you reach the mileage restriction on the before the time period is up, your warranty will end as well. This new extension policy offered by Audi does not extend to increasing the mileage restrictions, so owners are required to stay within their allotted mileage during the three-month extension to qualify.

While the mileage restrictions may leave people feeling burned, it was still a gesture of good faith for Audi to extend their warranty services for their users, even if it only applies to a specific group.