Audi Driver Wins a Record Three Titles in Four Years

While we know car brands most popularly by their high-production number cars or even their rarer flagship models, it’s easy to forget that most car manufacturers also have racing teams. Racing might not seem that important to you, but as a sport, there is a lot to it. Motorsports might not be as popular in America as other sports like football, but they are important to fans as well as general consumers. So, whether you are a fan of Audi racing or just love your Audi vehicle, you can enjoy knowing that one of their drivers just set a new record.


The DTM circuit is far from the most popular race. In fact, even many racing enthusiasts probably don’t pay much mind. DTM, short for Deutsche Tourenwagen Wagen, is a racing series based in Germany and featuring rounds throughout Europe. The series features a silhouette racing body based on each brand’s production cars. Even better, for the past three years straight, the championship driver has been held by Audi driver René Rast.

The trophy for overall victory, alongside the car of Rene Rast (Germany, #33), Audi Sport Team Rosberg on the grid | Hasan Bratic/picture alliance, Getty Images

Sucess for René and Audi

This isn’t the start of René Rast’s career, by any means. No stranger to the track, this may have been his third consecutive championship on the DTM circuit for Rene, but it’s not his first win. Holding this has his third title, he also has 24 race wins under his belt. If one thing is clear, he has a very skilled driver, and he represents the Audi name with pride.

Motorsport: German Touring Car Masters, Hockenheim – DTM – 2nd race: Winner René Rast (Minden), Audi Sport Team Rosberg, celebrates his overall victory at the podium ceremony | Hasan Bratic/picture-alliance, Getty Images

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It wasn’t an easy season

For such a skilled driver such as René Rast, you would have expected this racing season to be a cakewalk to the championship. However, things got off to a rocky start. In this race, even René was quite behind some of his competition. With patience and finesse, however, he was able to overtake his biggest rival, Nico Müller, and win his third consecutive title.

Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline, on the track at Hockenheimring. Rast is DTM Champion for the third time. At the finale, the Audi driver celebrated his seventh victory of the season with superiority and defended his title. | Hasan Bratic/picture alliance, Getty Images

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Whether you care much about the DTM series or not, it is still impressive that the Audi driver set a new record. With his third consecutive championship win, the only question left is: can he do it again next year?