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It doesn’t matter if you are painting an Audi or a wheelbarrow; painting is hard. It takes an enormous amount of prep work and precision. Clearly, whoever painted this Audi A5 disagrees with all that. They think painting a car is something you do with a spare hour on a summer afternoon. This Audi A5 got the worst paint job in the universe. 

Should you paint your car yourself? 

Automotive paint work is hard. Although plenty of people have painted their cars themselves, unless you have the time, gear, location, and patience to do it properly, you should avoid this DIY task at all costs. Our friend with the Audi should have been told this. 

According to CarScoops, we don’t have tons of information as to how or why this innocent Audi A5 Sportback got done dirty like this. Throwing a closed can of white house paint at the Audi probably would have turned out better than whatever the hell happened here. 

How to paint your car? 

Up close on this horrible white Audi A5 paint job
Audi A5 custom paint job | Limited Edition Cars via Facebook

Any way but this. The very layman’s process for painting a car is stripping all old paint off. You must either remove or cover any trim, glass, censors, or anything else you don’t want paint on with tape and plastic wrap. Then, once the car is completely prepped, you spray the paint. 

It looks like the luxury sedan got hit with some rattle can paint with nothing taped up. It’s a mess. Not only does painting a car like this look like the bottom of my shoe, but it is also dangerous. As you see, the flat white paint covers the headlights, windows, and most likely any sensors. While it’s probably not a safety concern, seeing paint on tires is one of the most aesthetically unpleasing things humans have managed to do. 

When painting anything, you want nice, even layers of paint. The easiest way to do this is by spraying many thin layers of paint. This reduces the risk of your paint running or globbing up. Again, Vincent Van Gogh over here was unburdened by any such constraints. He went all Id on this one. 

If that weren’t enough, there are multiple places on the body where the paint is already bubbling; there are even massive fingerprints and smudges all over the place. Like I said earlier if you want to paint your car yourself, do it any way but like this.

Is paint bad for your engine? 

Plenty of people paint their engine blocks. Many manufacturers bak in the day used to do this from the factory. However, like painting the rest of your car, painting an engine takes serious prep and special heat-resistant paint. Given the context, I doubt our painter here ever once considered any of that. 

The engine compartment, along with everything else, has some rogue overspray peppering everything. The airbox and air intake both have spray covering them. This is probably the worst place for the paint to get. 

I’m sure the painter had their own reasoning for doing this to an Audi A5, but we sure as hell can’t figure out what that reasoning could be.


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