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The Ram TRX can seemingly do almost anything. And its stats include that it will ford water depths of up to 32-inches. So, with that tucked into the back of your mind, and what it looks to be able to accomplish, why did this TRX sink?

Why can’t the TRX get through this part of the San Jacinto River?

Sunk Ram TRX in San Jacinto river
Sunk Ram TRX | Xtreme Off-Road

As you can see, it doesn’t have a snorkel but still, it is above the surface of the water. So are the side windows. Yet it looks in distress. Is it possibly sunk into the soggy bottom below? Or is it the added weight of all of that water in the truck’s bed? It is hard to say.

This is located in a Texas off-road park called Xtreme Off-Road in Crosby. It is widely used by off-roading enthusiasts. Other 4×4 trucks can be seen crossing this part of the San Jacinto River on the site’s social media. If other trucks can conquer it, why couldn’t this TRX? 

The TRX dual-air intake doesn’t help water fording

Sunk Ram TRX in San Jacinto River
Sunk Ram TRX | Xtreme Off-Road

The Ram TRX comes with a dual-air intake that is supposed to enhance off-road performance. But does it enhance in-the-water performance? Obviously, not.

Some Ram TRX trucks do have launch control. It is a button that allows you to increase the RPMs from a standstill before launching. It almost acts like a trans-brake for drag racing. A drag racing “Christmas tree” graphic is even used for the button. Unfortunately, it will set you back $12,150.

Launch Control won’t power you out of the soggy bottom

Sunk Ram TRX in San Jacinto River
Sunk Ram TRX | Xtreme Off-Road

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That’s because to get Launch Control you also get other options in the package. Even if you don’t want them. But we don’t know whether Launch Control would help or hurt in this situation. Do you power out of it or limp through in low gear?

The good news is that the bikes riding on the back didn’t get wet. So the TRX driver has a backup plan. Just grab one of the bikes and he can still get home. But it is a pyrrhic victory. The owner will still need to deal with his $90,000 truck stuck in the mud.