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Is it possible to go so fast in a car that it lifts off the ground and takes flight? Yes, this is possible, and the Aston Martin Vulcan puts this phenomenon to the test every time it takes to the track. Unfortunately, the Vulcan is one of the rarest and most exclusive supercars in the world, but that’s what makes it special. Explore the Vulcan with us for a few minutes if you want an adrenaline rush.

The Aston Martin Vulcan brings incredible power

The Vulcan was created before the movement toward EVs, but even that movement wouldn’t have changed the tune for Aston Martin. This amazing mid-engine supercar delivers 800 horsepower from a massive 7.0-liter V12 engine.

This power level offers the Vulcan an insane power-to-weight ratio that translates to insane speed. The Aston Martin Vulcan has a top speed of 224 mph and can rocket to 60 mph in only 2.9 seconds, making it one of the quickest cars ever built.

How rare is the Vulcan?

Blue Aston Martin Vulcan
Blue Aston Martin Vulcan | Aston Martin

This Aston Martin supercar is so rare that you’ll probably never see one unless you’re viewing photos of it. There were only 24 versions of this car were made, giving a handful of millionaires an amazing car that likely will sit in their collection and rarely see time on the track.

Is the Aston Martin Vulcan road legal?

Between 2015 and 2016, the 24 Vulcan models were made, and only one was made to be street-legal. In order to accomplish this feat, the car had to be customized by an independent party. RML Group spent 18 months overhauling the vehicle to make it legal to drive on public roads.

The other 23 Vulcans are track-only, hardcore supercars that can rip off some fast laps and leave onlookers amazed by what Aston Martin has put on the track.

Is this Aston Martin supercar comfortable?

Interior View Aston Martin Vulcan Supercar
Interior View Aston Martin Vulcan Supercar | Aston Martin

If we consider the Vulcan as a racing machine, we don’t expect to find comfort in the cabin. Why should this car be comfortable? When every version came out of the Gaydon factory in England, it was made to be a track car and never see public roads. That said, the Vulcan offers surprising comfort and quality in the cabin. This makes it an incredible supercar for an elegant night on the town, if only it were street-legal.

Why is this Aston Martin called Vulcan?

The name for this incredible high-end British supercar came from the name of the cold war bomber. It’s fitting that a car as exclusive and impressive as the Vulcan shares a name with a legendary airplane. The bomber was made to wipe out entire cities by dropping its payload. For the supercar, that payload is simply dropping the hammer and rocketing to a high speed. This leaves the competition stuck at the start line with their jaw on the ground.

How much does the Vulcan cost?

Red Aston Martin Vulcan
Red Aston Martin Vulcan | Aston Martin

The Vulcan delivers design excellence and inspiration from several other high-end models from the brand. The price of each model is $2.3 million. While this is certainly a steep price, the care and exclusivity put into this amazing supercar make it worth the price for wealthy consumers looking for something unique and special.

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