Aston Martin Thinks Pastel Easter Egg Colors are the Next Big Thing

Easter egg colors-you know pastels. Those pasty, washed-out colors popular in the 1980s when cars that matched your underwear were a thing. As happy as we were to see those days evaporate, Aston Martin is just as happy to yank you back into them. And here’s the proof. 

Luckily this is only happening in Newport Beach, Cali. What? You thought this was happening in Florida? We did too. But no, the Aston Martin dealer in Newport Beach has come up with this idea to move the iron. And it is uniquely their own.

This is “The Pastel Collection” and it is significant to Aston Martin

The Aston Martin Pastel Collection
The Aston Martin Pastel Collection | AM Newport Beach

This is called “The Pastel Collection” and it is as significant to Aston Martin as is the GT3 RS package is to Porsche. It may be at the opposite end of the spectrum, but this is Aston Martin we’re discussing here. So here’s the scoop on this most significant development for Aston Martin since the invention of the car itself.

Let’s start with the DB11 Volante. It comes in “Clear Water” paint and stickers for a paltry $290,192. Next up is the Vantage Convertible in a striking Cardamom Violet. We would have called it “Violent Violet” but then we drive around in a 1987 Dodge pickup. What do we know?

The Vantage Coupe can be had in Ultra Violet, with the DB11 Coupe available in Butterfly Teal. Finally, in a color reminiscent of Don Johnson and the 1980s TV show Miami, we have Vibrant Coral for the DBX. So not only do the colors make you squeamish but so do the douchey names. See how this all ties together?

In the interior, you get that same washed-out pastel colors

An Aston Martin Vanquish is inspected by hand inside a light booth at the company headquarters and production plant | Getty

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Since you’ll be exposing those on the outside to your dubious taste you’ll also want to be reminded of it when you’re driving. So in the interior, you get that same washed-out color you picked shot on the center console, door inserts, and other places. And we do mean “shot.” 

Gloss black accents both inside and out give contrast to these watered-down hues to try and erase the watered-down characteristics they have. Yes, it doesn’t make sense to use black to bolster the weak colors but then it was only a good idea until you saw it. Then, you needed something to counter your poor color choice short of repainting the whole car. 

There are also dubious choices available for the interior

Besides the color accents inside you can have your choice of black or ivory leather. And we’re sure that with a special order you can have both to help mix it up. Go for it, you only live once.

According to the Robb Report, all of this Easter egg-y goodness was handled by in-house customizer Q-Brand. They spoke with Newport Beach dealer Matthew Parsons who said, “When we realized the cars would be arriving around the start of spring we settled on a family of pastel colors that we would paint across our model range.” When bad ideas are really bad, Go Big!