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Aston Martin has been in the news a lot lately, starting with the announcement of the DBS 770 Ultimate a few weeks ago. Now, a recent call regarding Aston’s 2022 financial report has revealed new information about what’s coming next. With plans to be fully electrified by 2030 and a new slate of EVs and plug-in hybrids coming soon, the next generation of Aston Martin is set to begin later this year.

This Aston Martin DBX707 SUV is the Formula 1 medical car for 2023
The Aston Martin DBX707 is the new Official FIA Medical Car of Formula 1 | Aston Martin

No new details about Valhalla

Unfortunately, the brand didn’t let on any more details about its upcoming Valhalla plug-in hybrid hypercar. What we know so far is that Mercedes-AMG will supply a twin-turbo V8 engine that will combine with Aston’s electric powertrain for a total of 937 horsepower. The Valhalla will also have a pure EV mode, though battery-only range is still under wraps.

Production of the Valhalla is set to begin in late 2023 as Aston’s fiery foray into electrification.

The upcoming Aston Martin EV
Aston Martin Valhalla | Aston Martin

A complete overhaul of Aston Martin models

One thing that was clear regarding Aston Martin’s future plans was a revamp of its complete lineup. That means we’re likely to see updated versions of the brand’s current vehicles. Currently, that includes the DB11, DBS, Vantage, and DBX SUV. Unfortunately, the British outfit has already indicated that the DBS 770 Ultimate will be their last V12. That means we can expect big powertrain updates to be on the horizon.

A 110th Anniversary Edition model

Like many of the other models discussed on its recent investor call, Aston Martin was mum on details regarding a 110th Anniversary Edition model. It did confirm that something was in the works, but no further details have come to light so far.

Given the brand’s history, it isn’t farfetched to think that a new hypercar is coming. However, the pending production of the Valhalla may make that a redundant exercise. Considering its financial woes, an anniversary edition DBX SUV might be a boon for the brand, especially if it were to feature plug-in hybrid or EV technology.

Another idea could borrow from the Hyundai N-Vision 74 and Porsche Vision 357 and opt for a modernized version of one of the brand’s classic models. A modern take on the iconic DB 5 would be thrilling, even if buying one is a distant fantasy.

Aston Martin to be fully electrified by 2030, deliver an EV in 2025

While the British luxury brand remained quiet on specifics, it did indicate that a full-EV will arrive in 2025. Considering the brand’s full-bore introduction to plug-in hybrids, we expect the first Aston Martin EV to be a high-end supercar.

The goal of full electrification by 2030 doesn’t mean just EVs, either. The specific phrase ‘electrified lineup’ likely means a mix of hybrids and EVs, so fire-spitting Aston’s won’t be disappearing anytime soon. That should be encouraging to those who appreciate the old-school nature of the British brand. And their Formula 1 connections should mean that any future hybrid models pack a hefty punch.

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