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The 2023 Formula 1 season is underway this weekend, and Aston Martin is back on track in more ways than one. The ultra-lux Aston Martin DBX707 is the FIA medical car for the Formula 1 2023 season, ready to assist at a moment’s notice. You won’t find this version of the Aston Martin DBX707 luxury sport utility vehicle at your local dealership, as it received numerous critical upgrades to assist in emergency situations.

Aston Martin DBX707 is the official FIA medical car of Formula 1

If you have caught any pre-season testing, you may have already seen the green Aston Martin DBX707 in the background. The world’s most powerful luxury SUV is lining up to serve as the official FIA medical car of Formula 1. The 2023 FIA Formula 1 World Championship has its first race on Sunday, March 5, starting with the Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix.

Aston Martin says the DBX707 received engine, transmission, suspension, and brake upgrades. Add to that the upgraded interior and exterior style, and the newest medical car is almost race ready. The DBX707 will transport medics to the scene of any incident on the track during a race weekend. With a zero to 60 mph time of 3.1 seconds, 697 horsepower, and 663 lb-ft of torque, the Aston Martin SUV won’t be cruising around the track.

“We are delighted to continue our partnership with Formula 1® and the FIA this season, with the pinnacle of motorsport a perfect environment for Aston Martin to showcase the capabilities of our ultra-luxury high-performance cars.”

Roberto Fedeli | Aston Martin Chief Technology Officer

Since Aston Martin has two Formula 1 cars out on the track, the brand has continuously worked on product development. Using data gathered from the AM DBX while driving on race circuits has helped improve the SUV. The automaker says one of the most significant improvements is the addition of a wet clutch transmission. This offers even faster gear changes and a new launch system called “Race Start.” Race Start ensures the DBX707 is ready to hit the track immediately.

The Aston Martin DBX707 has been upgraded with medical car equipment

This Aston Martin DBX707 SUV is the Formula 1 medical car for 2023
The Aston Martin DBX707 is the new Official FIA Medical Car of Formula 1 | Aston Martin

The upgrades don’t stop there, either. As the Formula 1 global tire partner, Pirelli developed P Zero tires specifically for the DBX707 medical car. The F1 SUV also received necessary equipment, like fire extinguishers, medical bags, and a defibrillator, to complete its medical car duties. It also received FIA-approved racing seats with six-point racing harnesses to keep everyone safe.

Passengers in the Formula 1 medical car will have access to Race Control communications and the FIA Marshalling system. The DBX707 will have access to biometric data from the drivers and live television to assess a situation from anywhere.

Aston Martin’s Chief Technology Officer Roberto Fedeli commented that the “DBX707 is the perfect vehicle for the critical role as an Official FIA Medical Car of Formula 1, providing the performance and punch required for the world’s greatest racing circuits, in addition to the flexibility and space required by the sport’s officials and medics.”

The Formula 1 2023 season starts this weekend

The 2023 FIA Formula 1 World Championship season gets underway this Sunday, March 5, with the Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix. You can catch the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One Team on the track all weekend with Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso behind the wheel.

Keep an eye out for the Aston Martin DBX707 F1 medical car this weekend on the sidelines. Hopefully, there isn’t a need for all of the equipment on board, but it is there should anyone need it. Good luck to the Aston Martin DBX707 medical car and all Formula 1 drivers participating in the 2023 season.


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