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As Tim Taylor, played by Tim Allen, shouted on Home Improvement, “More Power,” followed by a series of grunts. This lovable television character would love the Aston Martin DBX707 luxury SUV.

The luxury SUV world spans a wide range of models. You’ll find a serious variety from the basic, entry-level Lexus UX to the ultra-luxurious Rolls-Royce Cullinan. The latest Aston Martin model is the most powerful luxury SUV ever produced. The new DBX707 is finally here, and it’s on the way to customers. We first saw this amazing performance vehicle a little over a year ago, but now it’s ready to show off.

An Aston Martin assembly line revives a town

Before we get into the power, the new DBX707 luxury SUV makes a bit of history. This vehicle is the first one that comes off the St. Athan assembly line. This new SUV is the first to come from this small Wales village in almost 50 years, according to Car Buzz. The new DBX707 is heading to more than 50 countries.  It will offer power and performance to the well-heeled customers around the world.

How much power does the Aston Martin DBX707 offer?

The Aston Martin DBX707 is the most powerful luxury SUV in the world.
Aston Martin DBX707 | Aston Martin

This new Aston takes on the badge of the fastest SUV in the world with a 3.1-second sprint to 60 mph and a top speed of 193 mph. This speed results from an amazing AMG-sourced 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that sends power to all four wheels. Power reaches 697 horsepower and 663 lb-ft of torque. These are certainly impressive numbers, giving us an amazing vehicle that can rocket to insane speeds.

Quality is hand-built in this luxury SUV

You expect an extreme level of quality and precision in any Aston Martin vehicle. The DBX707 delivers on these expectations because of the team building this SUV. The St. Athan location has more than 100 technicians working on every model of the DBX707 to take it from start to end by hand. This might seem like a small number of people, but Aston is known for exclusivity and not mass production. Sales last year totaled 4,260 models, with more than half being DBX luxury SUV models.

The evolution is nearly complete for the DBX

A front corner view of the first Aston Martin DBX 707 as it rolls off the production line.
A front corner view of the first Aston Martin DBX 707 as it rolls off the production line. | Aston Martin

Aston Martin has a strong history of building some of the most elegant and powerful sports cars in the world. Only two years ago, this brand entered the SUV world with the DBX, but that wasn’t where this brand would end. Here we are only a couple of years later, and the DBX707 arrives as the most powerful luxury SUV in the world. If there is such a thing, this evolution from a basic Aston into a super-sport SUV is complete. Will other boutique sports car brands take the power badge from Aston?

Everything isn’t perfect in the Aston Martin DBX707 luxury SUV

While the power, performance, and style will certainly blow you away, this SUV does have a couple of drawbacks. The infotainment system comes from Mercedes-Benz and isn’t nearly as good as what you find in the parent brand. In fact, Auto Evolution tells us this system doesn’t have a touchscreen.

Aston Martin fills orders for this luxurious performer

Those that got in early and ordered the Aston Martin DBX707 should enjoy driving them soon. Many models of this luxury SUV are already on the way to fulfill reservations made months ago. At a price of $232,925, these drivers get to experience the most powerful and fastest SUV in the world; for now.


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