Aston Martin’s $8.25 Million Modern Mansion Is Worthy of James Bond

Despite seeing some rough times in the last year or so, Aston Martin has a new lease on life, or rather, its business. While it continues to produce high-quality vehicles, the company is expanding its production base to a different market. According to Dirt, the newest project for the automaker promises to bring in over eight million dollars. What is the British auto company up to now?

What makes Aston Martin’s mansion so James Bond worthy?

The 2017 Aston Martin Vantage GT8 parked in front of a mansion
The 2017 Aston Martin Vantage GT8 | National Motor Museum/Heritage Images via Getty Images

Aston Martin, the British automaker, is known for producing some high-end equipment, mainly vehicles. One of the most famous creations happens to be a car from the James Bond Goldfinger movie, the only vehicle with working components fit for a slick spy like 007. 

However, you’ll find more masterpieces from the automaker. The newest creation is a mansion known as the Sylvan Rock, which resides in Milan, New York, on a 55-acre lot. This 8,430 square foot home has a total of four bedrooms with four full and two half bathrooms. Building materials include massive timber beams, energy-efficient windows, and laminated roof panels. 

On the interior, Aston Martin used wood, metals, and leather of the highest quality to give it a palace ambiance. Besides the bedrooms and bathrooms, it offers a den, a home office, and a kitchen, trimmed in all-black and transitioning into the family room. 

Aston Martin continues the design with the outbuildings

The main home is a work of art, for sure, but the lot has more buildings to explore. Of course, a home of this size has to have a pool, but this one comes with a pool house and spa and an outdoor kitchen area, great for entertaining big-name celebrities, which would make it well worth the $8.25 million price tag. 

There’s also a wellness pavilion dedicated to keeping the owners healthy, both physically and mentally. A sauna is nearby for relaxation and good blood flow, and there’s also what’s called a food garden, which is simply a garden, but an exceptional one at that. 

On the property is a three-car garage, with a wine cellar and lounge underneath. Glass is installed so you can ogle your luxury vehicles while you sip your wine and chat with friends. From there, a 2,000-foot driveway winds past some old-growth trees and near some rock formations as it leads up to the garage. For guests who stay for a while, there are a few extra “pods” so they can kick back and enjoy some time alone. 

What are the automaker’s future real estate plans?

Aston Martin wants to expand its luxury brand into a whole new world of innovative design. With a century of automobile production under its belt, adding a new repertoire to its portfolio isn’t such a bad idea, especially since it’s in real estate. 

Whether we’ll see more creations from the automaker, it looks like the answer is a resounding yes. The company is already working on a new design, which is a 70-story complex located in Miami. You’ll also see five new penthouses coming soon in the financial district of New York, a project the company is partnering with Sir David Adjaye on. 

The movie character, James Bond, made quite a few vehicles famous during the filming of the 007 spy movies, some of them being masterpieces created by Aston Martin. That high-quality, luxury design can now be seen in multimillion-dollar homes as well. 

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