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Florida Man is at it again, but this time he’s out doing good in the streets instead of wreaking havoc. As the local news calls him, Tesla Todd decided to volunteer for Meals on Wheels in his Tesla Model 3. Gas prices might remain high around the country, but this electric vehicle is picking up the slack.

Tesla Todd is volunteering for Meals on Wheels in his Tesla Model 3

Tesla Todd does Meals on Wheels in his Tesla Model 3, who's trucks are pictured here
Meals On Wheels delivers meals to homebound seniors | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

If you haven’t heard of Meals on Wheels, it is an organization that provides food to senior citizens all over the country. It started in Philadelphia in 1954 and has since expanded to “virtually every community in the country.” Meals on Wheels currently helps serve nearly 2.4 seniors in America every year.

Thanks to high gas prices, volunteers for the organization have slowed down a lot. That doesn’t mean there aren’t the same amount of people needing meals in the community. NBC2 News reported about Todd Muncy, star volunteer for the program this week. Janelle McVay, a volunteer services coordinator for Community Cooperative in Southwest Florida, says Tesla Todd is very “tech-savvy.”

“It’s just the satisfaction of brightening someone’s day up,” Todd told NBC2. With his “NOMO GAS” license plate on the Tesla Model 3, it sounds like this volunteer is taking that very seriously.

Tesla Todd is benefitting from cheap electricity while gas prices remain high

The current national average gas price is $4.655 at the time of publication for regular gas. Mid-grade is $5.096, and premium sits at $5.395. The current average in Florida is $4.386 for regular, $4.816 for mid-grade, and $5.130 for premium.

It makes sense that Tesla Todd doesn’t mind using his Tesla Model 3 for good deeds. Compared to gas prices, the price of electricity in Florida is pretty cheap.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Florida’s average retail price of electricity is 10.06 cents per kilowatt-hour. The average retail price per kilowatt-hour in the country is 10.59 cents. Florida is technically one of the less expensive states for electricity, falling in the 7.51 to 12.52 category.

Meals on Wheels is always looking for volunteers, especially ones with electric vehicles


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No matter what the price of gas is, Tesla Todd seems to be enjoying his time on the road. As a former sales engineer, delivering Meals on Wheels is a much more stress-free job. If you have an electric vehicle and want to help out, you can volunteer on the Meals on Wheels website.

Above all, Tesla Todd says he has delivered hundreds of meals and only volunteers a few shifts a week. The most common type of volunteering consists of picking up meals at a central location, delivering along a pre-determined route, and returning the delivery packing when done.

You don’t need a Tesla Model 3 to deliver meals, and you can pick how much time you spend. Once a week or once a month works; it usually only takes an hour and a half. Shout out to Tesla Todd and his electric vehicle for this feel-good news story!