Fire Kills $3 Million Ferrari LaFerrari and Ultra-Rare Car Collection

A massive car collection featuring a $3 million Ferrari LaFerrari went up in flames recently across the pond in England. While details remain fairly scarce, preliminary reports indicate that arsonists targeted the ultra-rare Ferrari and subsequent car collection. While the fire didn’t hurt anyone personally, none of the cars survived.

According to Supercar Advocates, the collection featured dozens of ultra-rare machines from Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, and Aston Martin. As you’ll see from the photos, the secret hangar that housed these cars is completely destroyed. Since the investigation is ongoing, we have more questions than answers.

How did this $3 million Ferrari LaFerrari catch fire?

An image of a destroyed car collection featuring a Ferrari LaFerrari.
Destroyed Car Collection | Supercar Advocates via Facebook

Upon looking at the first images of the destroyed Ferrari LaFerrari and car collection, it would be easy to assume this was a shared storage facility. However, as Supercar Advocates points out on Facebook, all of the cars in this hangar belong to the same owner, signifying a massive loss.

This incident reportedly occurred back in December of last year as firefighters in the town of Over Peover in England arrived at the scene. According to LesVoitures, sources close to the incident believe arsonists intentionally set this car collection on fire.

Thankfully, this incident didn’t result in any personal injuries, just property. However, none of the cars, Ferrari LaFerrari included, survived. As of writing, there are no official details about what exactly caused this fire or if police officers in England have arrested anyone in connection to it.

This collection featured some of the world’s rarest cars

An image of a destroyed car collection.
Destroyed Car Collection | Supercar Advocates via Facebook

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While the Ferrari LaFerrari in the main picture isn’t completely destroyed, it is almost impossible to distinguish the other cars in the photos. Thankfully, Supercar Advocates published a complete list of the cars kept in this massive collection.

The destroyed collection included an Aston Martin AMV12S, Aston Martin Zagato, BMW M2, Fiat 695 Biposto, Ferrari 250 GTE, Ferrari F355 Fiorano, Ferrari 360 Spider, Ferrari 599GTO, Ferrari F12tdf, Ferrari GTC4 Lusso, Ferrari Pista, Ferrari 812 SuperFast, Lamborghini Tractor, Lexus LFA, McLaren 650S, McLaren 675LT, McLaren Senna, Porsche 991 Endurance Cup, and a Porsche Carrera GT.

Internet detectives have also spotted what appears to be an unrecognizable McLaren chassis. While many speculate that it might’ve been a McLaren F1, no official reports confirm this.

Regardless, this collection is easily worth millions of dollars thanks to its widespread include of limited-edition vehicles. As a result, the owner’s insurance company will likely have to cut a massive check.

Where are these cars now?

An image of a destroyed car collection.
Destroyed Car Collection | Supercar Advocates via Facebook

As you might imagine, the Ferrari LaFerrari and the other affected cars will likely end up in a junkyard. Given the extent of the damage, we’re mostly looking at scrap metal in these photos. As a result, likely none of these car’s parts are reusable or valuable.

According to LesVoitures, tow trucks have already begun transporting the wrecked exotics. Subsequently, the English authorities are also likely investigating this incident.